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Overcoming Fear Workshop
Salt Lake Wellness Center

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When you think about who you want to become, do you feel overwhelmed and a little hopeless? Do you feel powerless to reach your goals? Perhaps you don’t even make any because you are afraid of dealing with the fact that you won’t complete them.

Time to wave good-bye to paralyzing, demoralizing fear.

Michelle Murphy, LSCW, has had years of experience in empowerment. Her dynamic yet empathetic investment in your progress is irresistible to doubt and discouragement. It is your time to create your masterpiece and do what no one else in this world can do, but you.

Join us:

Transform fear into action.

Problem solve in crisis.

Think of what you could accomplish this year if you had no fear. Let us help you materialize your dreams.

6:30-8:30 p.m.

4432 S. Adonis Drive, Holladay, UT

$47, bring a friend for $10 (use coupon code FRIEND at checkout)


Event is off-location. The correct address is: 4432 S. Adonis Drive, Holladay, UT

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