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Sandy Journal

Crumb and the Pirates

Children's Dance Theatre Performance

Audiences of all ages will be enthralled by this whimsical tale of maritime adventure, brought to life by CDT’s creative choreography, original music and stunning costumes. When Crumb’s fishing line accidentally snags on a sunken pirate ship and pulls it up from the depths of the sea, he finds himself face to face with a waterlogged, but boisterous, bunch of buccaneers who decide to follow him home. Now Crumb must solve an unusual conundrum: how do you get rid of a greedy gang of pirates who have overstayed their welcome? Little does he know that the answer to a much larger mystery has just surfaced and is about to change his world forever. Performances at 10 am and 8 pm.

Date & Time

June 23, 2015

10:00AM - 9:15PM

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Free, but registration is encouraged for school and community groups

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