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Sandy City’s Eye-Catching Homes

Nov 21, 2014 08:07AM ● By Peter Worona

The property of Sandy City’s August water wise beautification awards winner, Barbara Larson, at 2401 East Quail Run Drive. Monthly winners received a sign to put in their yards and entries into the grand prize category. The “water wise” theme was a way of making the landscape look good without using a lot of water to do so.

The results are in for Sandy City’s 2014 Beautification Awards, a program created with the purpose of recognizing Sandy residents for taking special care of their homes and landscaping. 

The beautification committee, with Mike Marrett and Kim Bell as the Sandy City representatives, “emphasizes the pride that is displayed through [residents’] hard work in beautifying their neighborhood and the community as a whole,” according to the city’s website. The awards have been presented for more than 10 years.

The property of Karolyn Engh, 7897 Pear Tree Circle, August winner of Sandy City’s beautification awards contest. Monthly winners received a sign to put in their yards and entries into the grand prize category. The landscaping theme honors those who take the time to make their property look exceptional, which helps Sandy City look better as a whole.

 The awards are given out monthly, from May through October, in two categories: overall beauty of the landscape and the use of a water wise theme. Each winner is recognized with a prize and a sign to display in their yard, and a monthly winner is automatically entered into the grand prize category, which is chosen in October.

“It helps Sandy City out in an awful lot of ways,” Marrett said. “It helps Sandy to be one of the nicest communities definitely in this valley, if not the state.”

This year, the grand prize winner for landscaping went to Michael Draper of 8523 South Jackson Hole, and the water wise winners were Damon and Jami Martin of 8683 South Gravel Hills Drive. The grand prize winners received $200 from Lowe’s for their achievements.

Monthly winners of Sandy City’s beautification awards contest (May-October):

May Landscape – Karolyn Engh, 
7897 Pear Tree Circle

May Water Wise – Barry and Amy Johnson,
1168 East Big Pine Drive

June Landscape – Erika Glissmeyer, 
10911 Prescott Drive

June Water Wise – Ted and Shearon Zealley,
11936 Hidden Valley Road

July Landscape – Heather Sullivan, 
1169 East Belsaw Circle

July Water Wise – Merril Rasmussen, 
479 Naomi Drive

August Landscape – Michael Draper, 
8523 South Jackson Hole

August Water Wise – Barbara Larson, 
2401 East Quail Run Drive

September Landscape – Barry and Sherry Newbold,
10137 Heytesbury Lane

September Water Wise – Matt Litson, 
1722 East Sego Lily Drive

October Landscape – Nancy Snow, 
9477 South 520 East

October Water Wise – Gloria Boltis, 
547 East 9640 South