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Sincerest Expressions: Sandy City Says Thanks

Feb 27, 2015 02:29PM ● By Bryan Scott

Karen Thomas and Pete Keers were recognized for their outstanding citizen contributions.

Each year Mayor Tom Dolan and the city staff take an evening to honor the city’s many volunteers. On Feb. 17, they honored 9 more volunteers and contributors to the community. 

Dolan kicked off the evening taking a moment to deliver his annual State of the City Address. The Mayor expanded on the long list of developments currently favoring the city’s new landscape. Many of the developments include taller buildings which might be turning Sandy’s historic image into more a futuristic skyline. 

Chief Administration Officer Byron Jorgenson recognized the following recipients of awards throughout the evening: 

Senior Citizen Volunteer of the Year: 
Maggie Steele
Steele has been involved as a volunteer at Sandy Senior Center since 2009. She has been involved with Healthy Sandy, Salt Lake County Aging and Adult Services and is a master gardener.

Parks & Rec. Volunteer of the Year: 
Dean Coffey
Deb Coffey accepted the award for her late husband, Dean Coffey. Dean coached for Sandy Parks and Recreation for over 15 years in the Jr. Jazz basketball, baseball and soccer programs. At the time of his passing, he was coaching his daughter’s soccer team. In fact, he practiced with the team the day before his untimely death.

Outstanding Volunteer of the Year: 
Dean Lang
Lang began volunteering at the Sandy Amphitheater with his wife, Janet, three years ago. They quickly established themselves as reliable, dedicated volunteers. He sets a tone of caring and concern for the patrons and other volunteers. Despite heat, cold, wind, rain and an occasional cranky guest, he maintains his positive attitude.
Outstanding Volunteer of the Year Dean Lang with Chief Administration Officer Byron Jorgenson (left) and Mayor Tom Dolan (right)

Outstanding Citizen Contribution: 
Karen Thomas and Pete Keers
Thomas has served as her community Neighborhood Watch Leader for the past eight years, overseeing and coordinating with local block leaders and with the Crime Prevention Specialist at the Sandy Police Department.

Keers is the community coordinator in the Civic Center Community and is very effective in this area of high growth. He helps build bridges of understanding between landowners, businesses, developers and the residents who live in this area.

Outstanding Service Award: 
Harold Haugen
Haugen is an important member of the community. Among other things, he is responsible for two distinct images of Sandy. Each summer Haugen suspends a massive American flag between the canyon walls of Little Willow Canyon. During the Christmas season, he constructs a lighted star on the mountain above the city.

Dick & Pat Adair Lifetime Achievement Award: 
Allan Setterberg 
Setterberg has served as a member of the Community Development Block Grant Committee and was instrumental in the placement of the Veterans Memorial at the Sandy City Cemetery. He is working to create a similar memorial at Jordan High School.
From left Chief Administration Officer Byron Jorgenson, Mayor Tom Dolan, Pat Adair and the Dick & Pat Adair Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Allan Setterberg.


Humanitarian Award: 
Craig Bolerjack
Bolerjack’s mother, wife and others in his family have all had a brush with breast cancer, prompting his efforts to start a mammogram early screening program. Though a partnership with the Sandy Chamber of Commerce, St. Mark’s Hospital and Lone Peak Hospital, approximately 150 free mammograms have been performed. Three of those women required cancer treatment. 

Noal Bateman Longtime City Service Award: 
Karin Johnstone
Johnstone has been involved with the city for years, helping with the 4th of July Parade, Sandy Arts Guild and The Sandy Club for Boys and Girls.
Noal Bateman Longtime City Service Award recipient Karin Johnstone with Mayor Tom Dolan.