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Sandy Journal

East Sandy Elementary Unveils Learning Focus

Nov 12, 2015 01:48PM ● By Julie Slama

By Julie Slama


Sandy - LEARN. 

 This summer, East Sandy Elementary School’s Building Leadership Team and faculty created an acronym for students to understand the school’s learning focus. 

 “We wanted it to represent what we stand for, so the students know, the community knows and it would be something simple that people could connect to it, so we came up with LEARN,” Principal Kenna Sorensen said.

 LEARN stands for “Listen, Engage, Achieve, Respect and Need to do our best,” she said.

 Each Friday during the weekly school announcements, Sorensen plans to go over the term with students so they understand the school’s mission. 

 The students also learned about the acronym during the first week of school, called Mustang Days for their school motto, when they also review school rules and expectations.

 “We want students to know that we are a team and that they can connect with the mission and the staff and faculty, so they set goals and are prepared to be college and career ready,” Sorensen said.