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Preppercon Brings Emergency Preparedness to South Towne Expo

Apr 12, 2016 04:10PM ● By Rachel Hall

By Kelly Cannon | [email protected]

Preppercon is one of the largest gatherings of “Preppers,” people who are actively preparing for situations that may affect the stability of home, life or financial situations. Held April 15 and 16 at the South Towne Expo Center, Preppercon brings together like-minded people to help them ensure their safety and survival during the worst of times.

Preppercon covers more than just emergency preparedness. According to its press release, the convention covers the best of entertainment, emergency preparedness, gun shows, off-grid living and survival into one incredible experience. Attendees will find entertainment, cutting-edge gadgets, training, and networking opportunities, prepping fundamentals, self-defense and home security, survival gear, food storage, first aid supplies, emergency and disaster response resources, and an unbelievable experience for you, your family, and community.

Over 140 exhibitors will be at the convention including Zero Impact Living, Radiant Solar Solutions, LDS Prepper and Emergency Zone. Exhibitors will be offering demonstrations, samples and a wide variety of items to purchase.

Preppercon also offers several attractions and experiences, including a hurricane simulator, home invasion training and a knife fighting tournament. A variety of classes are also available including wound care and suture technique, close quarter combat and knife fighting and defensive tactics with bladed weapons. Conceal carry permit classes are also available to attendees.