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San Francisco Design

2970 S Highland Dr
Salt Lake City, UT 84106

San Francisco Design is celebrating 30 years in Utah. 1981 was our first year and since then we’ve expanded our showroom in Salt Lake and opened up our Park City showroom in 1990. By 2004 we needed to expand both stores to what they are today.

Our designs have evolved over the years, but never our core belief to bring Utah the best there is in design, with quality and value being paramount. Customer service brings our clientele back over and over again.

Responsibility to the environment is an ongoing commitment for all of us at San Francisco Design. We recycle all our paper, cardboard and plastics. We are applying to the Sustainable Furniture Council to seek more partners in manufacturing reclaimed and recycled merchandise. We seek out wood products from certified sustainable forests. Many of our sofas and chairs have soy-based foams as well as recycled fibers. We believe that “being green” is more than just a slogan, it’s our future.