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Attention: Business Owners, Real Estate Investors, & Entrepreneurs!

Personal & Business Credit Intensive Workshop. Featuring Credit Expert Eric Counts

Saturday April 20, 2024 ** Live Virtual ZOOM Broadcast **

Nationwide Event  ** This Event Will Sell Out ** 8 AM - 4 PM - MT

           ** Hurry – Last Chance to Register!  **

        ** You do not want to miss this workshop!  **

         Registration Deadline – Friday April 19, 2024 5PM

Join us for an exclusive, all-day event that will transform the way you think about credit.

Event Details:

Morning Session:     Personal Credit Unveiled

Kickstart your day with a deep dive into the world of personal credit. Understand the fundamentals, learn how to navigate challenges, and discover strategies to enhance your credit profile. This session is your first step toward financial empowerment.

Afternoon Session:  Business Credit Revolution

Prepare to view business credit in a new light. Eric will lead you through the complexities of lending compliance and reveal surprising reasons your business credit might be getting declined. This session promises insights like you've never seen before.

What You Will Learn:

• Unexpected Insights: Step-by-step guidance through lending compliance and the unforeseen reasons behind business credit rejections.

• Strong Business Image: The importance of a robust business persona in today's lending landscape and how to achieve it.

• Banking Relationships: How to get banks to treat you like a business, opening doors to enhanced funding opportunities.

• Funding Options and Access: A clear understanding of the funding available to you and the criteria required to unlock it.

*Incentive: *There is No Charge, It’s Complementary*

 Registration Required:

Attendance Requires Personal ZOOM Link

Zoom Link Delivered via Email

For ZOOM Link: Text-(Text Only Please):

• First/Last Name

• Best Email Address

• Name of your City & State 

• To: 737-231-0060

Date & Time

April 20, 2024

8:00AM - 4:00PM

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