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Familiar Faces In New Reality Show

Oct 23, 2014 02:00PM ● By Shawna Meyer
A new country music-themed docuseries called “Discovering Lucy Angel” is scheduled to air this fall on AXS TV. The 13-episode-long series focuses on Lucy Angel, a country-crooning trio comprised of daughters Lindsay and Emily, along with their mother Kate Anderton, who are all former Sandy residents.

The show follows the three girls and the rest of the Anderton family as they attempt to make a name for themselves in the Nashville music scene. They were given the opportunity to film the series because the network believes that they are a promising new voice for the country scene, and their dedication to their dream will resonate with fans well.

G-Man, Kate’s husband of 40 years, has many roles in the show, which include father, husband and band manager.

“He’s been our biggest supporter and promoter from the beginning. We would not be here today if we did not have his support,” Kate Anderton said.

Kate’s two sons Fletcher and Jake will also appear in the series.

“It truly is a family effort,” Emily Anderton said. “We couldn’t do it without all of the Anderton men, which includes our brothers Fletcher and Jake . . . I think because it was always a family affair from the beginning, there wasn’t ever a question—it’s just what we do.”

Anthony Smith, although not related by blood, is also a part of this family. Smith is Lindsay’s long-term boyfriend and the band’s chief songwriter. Together, the couple has a 21-month-old daughter named McCartney.

“The whole world revolves around her,” Lindsay Anderton said.

“McCartney is the best thing on this planet,” Emily Anderton said.

“I will third that,” Kate Anderton said. “She is amazing.”

All of these people and personalities combine together in one house, along with the family’s dogs Faith and Hope, which makes their residence in Franklin, Tenn. a packed home.

“It has the entire family as the cast because our brothers and father are so involved behind the scenes. I know that every show says it’s unscripted, but we don’t have a script . . . There is a lot of behind the scenes of the music industry . . . And then we just do stuff as a family. We do laugh a lot, and we’re very close. Not that we don’t ever have arguments, but at the end of the day, there’s a lot of love,” Lindsay Anderton said.

While the Anderton family now lives in the country music capital of the world, they started their journey as Sandy residents. Kate and her husband, whose professional name is G-Man, lived in Sandy for about 12 years, and they were pretty involved in the community.

“I went to Altara Elementary School, Lindsay went to Alta High School and Jake, our brother, would have been in Crescent View Middle School at the time when we moved from Sandy to Mesa, Ariz.,” Emily Anderton said.

“We’ve got great memories of living in Sandy,” Lindsay Anderton said.

Out of the four Anderton children, two were actually born in Sandy, and all of them spent a significant portion of their childhood and early teenage years here. They participated in local sports, and their parents even helped coach little league football and cheerleading.

“Growing up in the Anderton family, there was always something musical going on. Our parents actually met in a singing group in college . . . Mom was always doing something musical,” Emily Anderton said.

After 12 years in Utah, the Anderton family moved to Mesa, Ariz., where they began to seriously consider making music as a possible career path. Kate and Lindsay started singing and performing together in public shortly after the move.

“All of us love music, but it really can suck to be out on the road by yourself. This is the best of both worlds. We tour and get to be together as a family . . . it just sort of happened organically,” Kate Anderton said.

Although Kate and Lindsay loved performing together, the duo knew that they were really onto something special when Emily decided to join them.

About 10 years ago, the girls decided to take a chance, so the family packed up and moved to Nashville in the hopes of making music their career.

Now Lucy Angel is getting ready to release their single, “Crazy Too,” from their forthcoming self-titled album. The group believes that their unique blend of three-part harmonies and more acoustic driven sounds will capture the best of classic country artists, while still sounding edgy and relevant.

“We’ve been working this last year on a new record with our producer Noah Gordon, and we wrote more than we’ve ever written. We really feel like we’ve got just a really special group of songs, and we can’t wait for everyone to hear them,” Emily Anderton said.