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Chase Alexander, Come On Down

Feb 27, 2015 02:22PM ● By Shawna Meyer

Chase Alexander, a Sandy resident, appeared with Drew Carey (above) on an episode of “The Price is Right,” which aired on Feb. 5 on CBS.

A Sandy resident recently competed on the daytime game show “The Price is Right” and made it all the way to the Showcase Showdown. 

On a trip to the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego to watch his little brother graduate to become a Marine, Chase Alexander, 25, stopped at CBS Television City in Los Angeles to attend a filming of the show.

“[My family and I have] always watched the show. I mean it’s not like something we watch religiously, but it’s something I’ve always been interested in. I’d have sick days from school, and I’d stay home and watch ‘The Price is Right,’” Alexander said.

Alexander’s brother Wesley, 19, is now at a military occupational specialty school in South Carolina. In the middle of March, he will be stationed in Hawaii for the next three years. Because he was still in school, just days away from graduation, Wesley was unable to attend the filming of “The Price is Right” with his family, but Alexander gave him a shout out before he spun the wheel.

To stand out to the producers of the show, Alexander grew a handlebar mustache and wore a shirt that read, “Drew, I grew this mustache just for you,” and on the back, “I hope you like it.” He was the second contestant called down.

“I kind of expected that [getting called down] was going to happen just because I wanted it so badly. When my name was called, I half expected it, but I was just super excited. The adrenaline was going, for sure,” Alexander said.

The first prize that the contestants had to guess the price of was a digital camera and picture frames. Alexander bid $800, which was the closest amount. This meant that he was the first contestant to get on stage.

His game was called “That’s Too Much.” Drew Carey flipped over prices for a Dodge Challenger, and Alexander had to stop him once he thought that the price had become too much. Unfortunately, he ended up guessing too low, so he didn’t win the car.

After his loss, Alexander still had the opportunity to spin the wheel for a chance to advance to the Showcase. Since he had won the least amount of prizes, he spun first. 

The closest contestant to $1 advances to the Showcase. His first spin landed on a $0.45 and the second on $0.25, which gave him a total of $0.70. Luckily, the two contestants after him went over $1

“I thought, ‘Dang it, a 70 isn’t going to hold up . . .’ . But I ended up getting to the showcase,” Alexander said.

During the showcase, Alexander had to bid on a television, an outdoor swing and another car. He bid $23,571. Drew Carey read the real price for the showcase, which was $23,329. 

Alexander was over by less than $250. Unfortunately, those who overbid don’t win their Showcase.

“I tried to calculate the amount in my head, and I figured it was around $24,000. When I told people I was going on the show, I told them that if I made it to the showcase, I was going to bring my price down a little bit so I would have a better chance,” Alexander said. “It was a pretty random number that I threw out there, it just happened to be less than $24,000.”

He said that he really enjoyed his experience on the show. CBS gives every contestant a 10-year waiting period before they can get back on “The Price is Right” to ensure that everybody has a chance. Alexander plans on going back in 2025 and trying again. 

“I loved it. I loved every second of it . . . It was just an unreal experience,” he said.