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Business Spotlight: Foot Relax Center

Apr 24, 2015 08:02AM ● By City Journals Staff
Foot Relax Center

Your feet have a lot of work to do and can carry more tension than you realize. You might be surprised just how much relaxation you can experience from a professional foot massage.

That’s where the Foot Relax Center in Sandy comes in. What should you expect? A professional, convenient, and affordable way to relax. Once you step into Foot Relax Center, you will instantly feel more relaxed by the peaceful ambiance and clean surroundings. But it’s not just the serene atmosphere that customers love. The Foot Relax Center offers an array of different services from their massage therapists to gratify your needs.  

“We want people to really relax the body after a busy day,” says owner, Rachel, while speaking about foot reflexology. “It’s not just {people’s} feet that can benefit, but the whole body system.”

Reflexology is a popular form of alternative medicine, wherein sophisticated foot massage techniques are used to trigger relaxation and healing throughout the entire body. The scientific theory behind this practice is that certain regions of your feet are connected via your nervous system to other parts of your body, and a trained reflexology therapist can use these regions to access the corresponding body parts. Imagine it as an internal massage. While a regular massage deals with the fascia and muscles, reflexology deals with internal structures, like organs and glands. 

“I want people to know it is for all ages. Young people and elderly people, as well as adults can all benefit from {reflexology},”says Rachel, passionately. “We really want people to come and feel better!”

With eight chairs for foot massage and reflexology, and 3 private rooms for full body massage, the Foot Relax Center has something for everyone.  

The Foot Relax Center is located at 9495 South 700 East in the Sandy Village shopping plaza. Don’t miss their affordable pricing of just $40 for a full hour of foot massage, or $60 for a full body massage. 

You can contact them at 801-234-0566 for an appointment or just drop in. You’ll be glad you did.