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Tennis Stars Come To Salt Lake

Apr 24, 2015 10:19AM ● By City Journals Staff
By Jeffrey 

On March 24, four former tennis stars came to participate in the PowerShares Series tennis tournament held at the Huntsman Center at The University of Utah. 

The first match was between American, James Blake and Australian, Mark Philippoussis. The latter came onto the court to the “ Men at Work” hit single, “ Down Under.” 

 The match started out sloppy, with both players making several unforced errors. During the match, both Blake and Philippoussis would occasionally interact with the crowd. 

A funny moment occurred when a cell phone began to ring in the crowd, prompting Philippoussis to playfully yell out, “That’s the worst ringtone I ever heard in my life.” 

After the poor start, the match became competitive with Aces and trick shots executed by both players. Philippoussis defeated Blake 6-3.

The match was the first to use Hawk-Eye technology, a one of a kind officiating system in lieu of line judges. 

The second match featured two of the greatest tennis players to ever play

the game. Jim Courier and Andre Agassi. Both played to the crowd, particularly Agassi, who would stop during the match to take photos with excited fans. 

Courier and Agassi have been playing each other for the past 30 years. They both trained together as teenagers at the famous Bollettieri Academy in Bradenton, Florida. 

During the match you could still see flashes of both players’ former greatness: Agassi’s forehand was still quite powerful and would hit balls down  the line with extreme accuracy; Courier showed a powerful serve and a good defensive game.

Agassi defeated Courier 6-3. 

The final between Philippoussis and Agassi was a very entertaining and competitive match. Both players found it difficult to obtain a major lead. Philippoussis, who is known for his powerful serve, ended up breaking the strings of Agassi’s racquet, which led Agassi to dig through his opponent’s equipment bag and take out one of  Philippoussis’s racquet. 

The back and forth match concluded with Agassi losing 6-7 in a tiebreaker. 

Agassi and Philippoussis left the court to a standing ovation by the Huntsman Center crowd.