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Historic Granite Chapel: A “Jewel” For Our City

Apr 24, 2015 10:41AM ● By Megan Mahajan
If you’ve ever been near the area of 9800 South and 3100 East, you certainly could not help but notice the breathtakingly beautiful white chapel rising proudly up above everything else in the area. This early 1900’s piece of history is a Victorian Romanesque that was dedicated on July 16, 1939, after taking nearly 40 years to complete.

The bright white paint that adds even more grace and beauty to the building was applied in 1950; the exterior was originally red brick. Its original cornerstone was moved to a new building with more space in 1965, at which time its religious use came to an end. About a year later, Avard Fairbanks, a sculptor, purchased the building. The selling price? $2000.

Fairbanks used the space as his art studio until he passed away in 1987. The chapel is now owned by his son, who utilizes the space to store his father’s many works of art.

This historic building is truly an incredible piece of the city’s history, and Mayor Dolan expressed his own heartfelt appreciation of the building when he referred to it as a “jewel of our city.” He recently expressed his desires to see the historic committee possibly restore the building. “It’s a landmark for the Granite community [and] would show our appreciation [to Granite],” he said.

Whether restored or left as is, the Granite chapel is without a doubt a landmark and a must-see for all Sandy residents and visitors. With spring finally coming our way, now is the perfect time for a short drive with the family to take in the incredible beauty of this old piece of history.