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Sandy Journal

A Hero Among Us

Apr 24, 2015 10:47AM ● By Megan Mahajan

Left to right: Officer Harrison, Officer Moffitt, Police Chief Thacker, and Jacob Hafen.

on March 19 the Sandy City Police Department received a domestic violence call in the area of 200 East and Jordan View Drive. Officers Moffitt and Harrison responded to the call and learned that the male suspect has assaulted his wife in front of their young children and then fled the scene. The officers were given information that led them to believe that the suspect was in possession of a gun and was heading toward the Sandy Home Depot on 114th South.

The suspect was located, and both officers began a pursuit on foot to detain him. The chase continued and Officer Moffitt later expressed that they may not have been able to continue on much longer. 

Enter Jacob Hafen. 

Hafen is the owner of Safelite Auto Glass on 114th south and saw what was taking place. He immediately took off running toward the suspect and was able to cut him off and hold him down. The officers were then able to detain the suspect and arrest him.

The actions of citizens like Hafen are truly heroic, and Sandy is a safer place to work and live because of him. 

The chief of police personally thanked him and presented him with an honorary plaque. He also received sincere gratitude from the officers he assisted and a round of applause from the mayor, city administration, the city council members and every audience member present.