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Sandy Journal

Sandy Pride: A Call For Support

Apr 24, 2015 10:50AM ● By Megan Mahajan
On May 16, Sandy City Pride is celebrating its 30th year of serving the community through beautification projects and cleanup services. Each year for the past 30 years, local residents, businesses, volunteer programs and religious organizations have come together to make Sandy a more beautiful place for all to enjoy.

Some of the projects include planting flowers and trees, maintenance of our local trails, edging around headstones in cemeteries and cleaning up trash in several public areas. For this last project, the Pride committee brings the community together to roll trash bags, which are then delivered to every doorstep in the city.

It’s easy to see that community involvement is absolutely crucial to the success of the Sandy Pride projects, and this year volunteers have been difficult to come by. Sandy Parks and Recreation has listed out 83 projects to be completed, and less than one-fourth have been claimed. Sandy residents and businesses are encouraged to come together for the good of our city and volunteer even a couple of hours of your time. We all enjoy the parks, golf courses, and trails that our beautiful city offers us all year, and this is our opportunity to give something back to the city we live in and love. 

Information about the projects is available at You may also contact Amy Anderton at 801-568-7254 to coordinate a project (or several projects) for you and your group.  

Sandy Pride

So Sandy Pride Day’s come again.
A day to serve and plant and cleanse.
Not pride as in better than thou,
but pride in service to our friends.

Trees planted, walks and parkways trimmed
Painting, landscaping homes of some 
less fortunate than we have been,
A day’s blessing to all who come

That in this lovely mountain home
we’ll make a better place for all
by joining thus in service giv’n,
with work for both the great and small.

And years from now we still can see 
the trees we planted, growing tall.
And in our hearts we still can feel 
these days have been the best of all.

© 2008 Edwin H. Beus