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Business Spotlight: Personal Mastery Martial Arts

Jun 26, 2015 09:27AM ● By City Journals Staff

Local Anti-Bully Expert Gets Amazon’s Coveted No. 1 Best Seller Status

On Friday January 30, Sandy’s Brett Lechtenberg achieved the birthday present of a lifetime by becoming an Amazon No. 1 best-selling Author with his recently released book “The Anti-Bully Program: A Common Sense Guide for Families.”

The Anti-Bully Program is a straightforward and insightful training program for families who have a child that is the target of a bully or are interested in minimizing their child’s chances of being bullied. The program is full of easy-to-follow and straightforward training that parents can work on with their children in the privacy of their own home.

Lechtenberg set a goal at the beginning of 2015 to use his program to help save as many children as possible from the hardship of bullying and hopefully save some lives. Lechtenberg set a goal to save at least 47 lives from bullying related deaths for his 47th birthday (which was January 30). On January 30 he accomplished the first phase of his plan by promoting his program across the country with his clients, fellow anti-bully advocates, and friends in order to raise awareness about bullying.

“The issue of bullying has been handled incorrectly, for the most part, and that is why the problem continues to grow instead of diminish,” says Lechtenberg. He goes on to explain, “The answer to diminishing bullying lies in three crucial things: 1) giving parents the tools to help their child build a strong self image; 2) teaching children how to foster and grow their own confidence and self esteem; and 3) giving parents and children a step-by-step, easy-to-follow system of how to deal with a bully and how to properly report a bullying situation before it gets out of hand.”

Lechtenberg has been teaching children and families in Sandy how to successfully deal with bullies for almost 20 years. He does this through his martial arts program at Personal Mastery Martial Arts and Family Success Center.

Lechtenberg explained, “Our program is all about building emotionally and physically strong leaders who have unshakable self confidence and we use martial arts as the delivery vehicle to achieve our message.”

Dennis Bullard, vice president of the Board of Directors of Spectrum Academy Charter School, located in North Salt Lake and Pleasant Grove, says, “The Anti-Bully Program is an outstanding read and a must for parents and teachers alike! The author lays out not only tips and strategies for protecting our children from bullying, but he also helps the reader to understand and identify bullying events and steps to be taken when it occurs. An outstanding book!”

Lechtenberg will take any proceeds from the sale of his book on his birthday and channel them into doing free workshops for the people and community who have been supporting him. He has his first self defense workshop in Sandy on February 18. Lechtenberg has upcoming courses and book signings in Alabama, Arizona, and Washington state.