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Hale Centre Theatre Expands To Sandy City

Jun 26, 2015 11:17AM ● By Megan Mahajan

Draft rendering of the proposed Hale Centre Theatre Sandy expansion.

Sandy theater lovers take note: Hale Centre Theatre is officially moving to our city. Sandy City officials have spent countless hours poring over documents and hashing out details, and at the June 11 City Council meeting, the project was finally approved.

Hale Centre Theatre is a 501(c)3 public charity that opened at its current location with a production of “Thank You Papa.” It has maintained its mission of serving the community through outstanding productions and affordable ticket prices.

Hale boasts productions of family favorites like Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” timeless classics like “Brigadoon” and its much anticipated annual production of “A Christmas Carol.”

With multiple locations in Utah as well as locations in Arizona and California, what began as the dream of a young couple from Granger, Utah in the 1940s has evolved into one of the largest community theaters in the country.

With all of its success, many may be wondering why the theater would need to move at all. While its current location in West Valley City has served it well since 1998, nearly every one of its performances has hit 100% capacity since 2004.

The theater produces an average of 400 performances per year, and the current location does not meet the capacity demands.

Hale Centre Theatre’s West Valley location has a total of 631 seats. The new Sandy location will feature 900 seats in its main hall, as well as a 450-seat proscenium thrust theater. This smaller theater will be the initial completed project, allowing productions to commence as early as January 2017.

Along with the addition of the proscenium thrust, the theater will also have an incredible four-level production tower, allowing scenery, costumes, rehearsals and administration to each have their own level.

Team members and site plans are already in place, and with the Council’s approval of the lease, the project is ready to take off.

Construction will begin in September and the total project has an estimated completion date of June 2017. 

The new theater is being described as “iconic” by its developers and will be a definite destination attraction for Sandy.