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Bell View Elementary Kindergartners Prepare for Future

Oct 07, 2015 12:44PM ● By Bryan Scott

Bell View kindergarten students pledge to be college-ready when they graduate high school in 2028. Photo courtesy of Christine Webb

By Julie Slama

“I will be college ready!”

That’s what about 40 Bell View kindergartners promised on Aug. 28 in front of Canyons School District superintendent, assistant superintendent, their school principal Christine Webb and teachers, many who supported the message by sporting college shirts.  Another 40 students made the pledge later that day.

Wearing different career costumes, from firefighter to zoo keeper, the students learned from their school teachers and principals that they all made goals to study and work hard so they could be in the careers they wanted.

Teacher Colleen Eldridge said that when she was sick or playing during summer vacation, she always would play school because she wanted to be a teacher.

“You can all be what you want to be, but you have to work hard each year so you can be who you want to be,” she said.

Superintendent Jim Briscoe said that by having a kindergarten college-ready day, it lets students learn that there are expectations for them and helps them to prepare for colleges and careers.

“Even at an early age, if we can instill the importance of education and that it will help their future, then they’ll have the mindset to set goals and prepare for the college and careers,” he said.

Assistant Superintendent Kathryn McCarrie said that when students set expectations early on, they realize they have the support of their teachers to help them succeed.  She also said that the reinforcement of these expectations helps female students.

“There are a lot more opportunities now for these girls than I had,” she said.  “These girls can do more and be more than housewives, and getting an education and having a college degree and career is the best insurance to leading successful lives.”

While some students may not realize the full impact of their promise, which they later signed with their name or left a thumb print on a poster, some understand college may be a little harder than sitting in a different classroom.

“Several students have older brothers and sisters or parents who they may see talk about college, enroll in classes, study, and so they know, each year, it’s important to learn and get ready.  By the time ninth grade comes around and the grades matter to colleges, these kindergartners will be prepared and know the importance of education,” she said.

Each kindergartner in all of Canyons School District’s 29 elementary schools should receive a wristband imprinted with the message, “I will be college-ready — Class of 2028,” as each school hosted kindergarten college-ready day activities.