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Medallus Medical

Jan 26, 2016 09:35AM ● By Bryan Scott

There is no doubt that we are in the middle of a healthcare crisis.  Some call it a “healthcare demise”.  Obamacare, so far, is here to stay.  As long as it is here, people are forced to buy health insurance whose premiums are uncontrollable and whose policies make the insured pay more out-of-pocket expenses. Some families  have filed for bankruptcy due to medical bills, others have loved ones who have passed on because they denied medical care and medications due to the higher healthcare costs.   It can seem alarming, and cause many people wonder what they can do about it. 

The key to navigating through healthcare safely is to become as healthy as possible , minimizing any chances of accessing expensive medical care. The best, and most affordable, approach to accomplish this is to pre-pay a family doctor for routine care, while having a health insurance policy for catastrophic events.  This model allows health insurance to be set aside and be used as “true insurance”--to cover unexpected major medical needs--while allowing a person to visit the doctor as often as needed without concern for cost. This increases the person’s well-being and overall healthiness.  While this scenario is ideal, it can be difficult to find quality medical professionals who allow you to pre-pay for expenses. That is where Medallus Medical is here to help. 

Medallus Medical has 9 clinics across the Wasatch Front that provide urgent care, primary care, and work medicine, with three ways to be seen in any of them. First, you can use your insurance. Pay your insurance copay at the visit, and Medallus will send claims to them to be processed. Second, you can pay cash at the time of service, with a flat fee ranging from $119 to $199, depending on the procedure. Third, you can join Medallus’s Medical Membership program. Under this program, members pay a monthly fee, then are able to recieve the care they need for only $10 per visit, for most procedures.   

There are several ways to benefit from Medallus’s Medical Membership. One way is to add Medallus Medical Membership alongside your current health insurance plan. This allows you to reduce your out-of-pocket costs, using the membership to stay healthy with urgent and primary care visits, and setting your insurance aside for major medical needs. Another way is to modify your current health insurance plan to have a higher deductible, with a much lower premium, adding Medallus Medical Membership for your routine and sick visits. By both modifying your plan to reduce premiums, and using Medallus to reduce out-of-pocket expenses, the average person can save thousands of dollars a year.  

Medallus Medical provides a simple solution to decrease your out-of-pocket costs and insurance premiums, allowing you to restore your heath and your family’s well being at a greatly reduced rate. Visit to learn more, or find the location of the clinic closest to you.