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Sandy Journal

E-Commerce Exchange Zone at Sandy Police Station

Jan 26, 2016 03:26PM ● By Stacy Nielsen

By Stacy Nielsen | [email protected]

Sandy - The Sandy Journal reported last year the establishment of what was being called a ‘Safe Exchange Zone’ as recommended by Councilmember Steve Fairbanks. The area has since been designated at the entrance of the Sandy Police Station.

The designated space is established by two blue “E-Commerce Exchange Zone” signs. It also happens to be the space reserved for delivery vehicles and parking is limited to 20 minutes.

This area is monitored 24/7 by surveillance cameras and has reportedly already been used by residents, including an exchange made by the police department’s own captain Justin Chapman. Chapman purchased a phone off of KSL and met the seller at the designated area, as opposed to meeting at a local retailer, reportedly where the seller originally suggested.

“We have meetings right where that’s at. You have our entrance, and just to the south of that we have the big windows. We have noticed some people come out and use the e-commerce zone,” Chapman said. 

However, the area is not limited to buying or selling goods from online, it can also be used as a spot to meet to exchange custody of children. 

Following suit, North Salt Lake and Layton have also reportedly implemented safe exchange zones at their police stations. If travelling south, Spanish Fork and Orem have designated areas to make online exchanges.

The area is not monitored by an officer, but footage is available if an incident occurs. Police departments have encouraged residents to keep track of communications in the event a police report needs to be made. There have been no incident reports since the area was designated last September.