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Off Duty Firefighter Awarded for Saving a Life

Jan 26, 2016 03:34PM ● By Stacy Nielsen

By Stacy Nielsen [email protected]

Sandy - Fireman Darren Schmidt has worked for the Sandy Fire Department for nine years, two of those years he served as a volunteer. He is a logistics officer and keeps the trucks running and on the road.

Schmidt, who was off duty at the time, was driving home late one night with his family when he stopped after witnessing a traffic accident at 11400 South and 4000 West.

“I noticed the driver of one of the vehicles was unconscious. I got out of my car and began patient care. The patient’s condition continued to deteriorate until he was pulseless with agonal breathing,” Schmidt said.

 At that point, the patient was removed from his vehicle and he started CPR. He continued CPR until South Jordan’s emergency medical personnel arrived, and the patient was transferred to Jordan Valley Medical Center.

The patient involved in the accident happened to be a member of the Toxic Hogs, a local motorcycle group.

“Originally after it happened, one of them came to the station and said they wanted to do something for me. They had gifts and a shirt for me, they had all ridden their motorcycles here,” Schmidt said. “It was a thank you from all of them.”

Schmidt was also officially recognized at city council and presented a Certificate of Recognition for his dedication to public service on and off duty from Fire Chief Bruce Cline.

“The cause of the accident was that he had a heart attack,” Cline said when presenting the award. “Without Schmidt’s immediate response, the patient would not have survived.”

 “We have a plaque we would like to give for taking care of one our brothers,” a member of Toxic Hogs said. “He is here because [Schmidt] took the time that night.”

Jordan Valley Medical Center also recognized Schmidt and the other first responders for the “Save of the Quarter.”

“Darren is now an honorary member, as I understand it, of the Toxic Hogs,” Cline said.

Schmidt said there are no motorcycles in his future at this time, but maybe someday.