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Top Five Places to Kennel Dogs During Vacation Time

Mar 09, 2016 02:41PM ● By Bryan Scott

By Kelly Cannon | [email protected]

Sandy - While we wish we could take our four-legged friends with us everywhere, sometimes we go places Fido can’t follow. Whether it’s a business trip, backpacking through Europe or a romantic spa weekend, these businesses make sure your dog has the best time while you’re gone.


On, you can find the right dog sitter for you and your pet’s needs. The site offers multiple sitters who watch your pet in the comfort of your own home. Different sitters specialize in different needs such as medical needs or elderly dogs. Prices range from sitter to sitter so you’re able to find something that fits your budget. 

4. The Dog Zone, 8736 South 700 East Sandy

The Dog Zone offers not only boarding but also doggie daycare. If you are boarding your pet, they will participate in all the activities of doggie daycare, including playing with employees and other dogs. Then at night, when they’re worn out from all they play, they will be tucked into bed in either their own private kennel or run. For an additional fee, your dog can also be given a bath and groomed before they come home to you. 

3. Southeast Valley Veterinary Hospital, 10572 South 700 East Sandy

One of the main benefits of boarding your dog at a veterinary hospital is if anything were to happen to your beloved pet, trained medical staff is available. The staff is also trained in handling dogs with different temperaments. Boarding can be a stressful time for a dog, and they may act differently than they do at home. The staff is able to soothe any mood your pet may be in.

2. Mountain View Animal Hospital, 9414 South 1335 East Sandy

Like Southeast Valley Veterinary Hospital, the biggest benefit of boarding at Mountain View Animal Hospital is the medical attention that is available should the worst happen. Mountain View also specializes in treating animals with diabetes, or heart or kidney diseases. Any animal boarding house requires pets to be up to date on their shots, but if your pet is missing one or two of their vaccinations, the staff can administer the shots onsite. 

1. Dog Town, 8665 South Harrison St. Sandy

Dog Town prides itself on being a smaller business so each pet receives personalized attention from the staff. During the day, the dogs are put in a communal area where they can play with each other, with various toys and the staff. Puppies and smaller dogs are placed in their own section so they’re not intimidated by larger breeds. The staff is also hyper-vigilant about cleanliness and hygiene. Food bowls, play areas and outdoor potty areas area cleaned regularly throughout the day with pet-friendly disinfectant.     λ