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Printed Garden Book Store Holds Grand Opening

Apr 07, 2016 04:09PM ● By Kelly Cannon

By Kelly Cannon | [email protected]

Sandy - A huge crowded gathered on Saturday, Feb. 20 for the grand opening of the Printed Garden, the newest locally owned bookstore in Sandy. The store has a soft opening in December but officially opened in February. The opening was attended by over 160 people and featured a special ribbon-cutting ceremony. 

“We’re a full-service family bookstore,” said Aaron Cance, owner of the Printed Garden. “We have a large Utah and Western history section and lots of literature and science fiction.”

The Sandy City Chamber of Commerce sponsored the opening, and the Sam’s Club in Sandy donated a sheet cake with the logo of the Printed Garden on top.

In addition to local residents, many other local bookstore owners were in attendance of the grand opening. Cance said he felt supported and buoyed up by those in attendance. 

Later during the event, there was a children’s storytelling time provided by Rob Eckman, a historian of sorts on Dr. Seuss, his life and his books. 

“The kids were cheering and yelling and reading along,” Cance said. 

The bookstore will offer several different community events that are open to the public. One includes an established coloring book station. 

“It’s becoming this trend that we can really get behind,” Cance said. 

Cance began coloring with his 6-year-old daughter about three years ago and was amazed at how soothing it was. 

“You can forget about those bills you have to pay or the car in the garage you have to fix,” Cance said. “You can just let go.”

The Printed Garden will be offering an adult coloring night on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month. Coloring books and pencils will be provided. The phone will be unplugged and the music will be turned down low to provide a comforting environment. 

On the third Wednesday of every month will be a Dr. Seuss after-school storytelling. It will be hosted by Eckman, the man who read at the grand opening.

Cance said there is also going to be a history of ideas book club but the details haven’t been worked out all the way yet. 

“It will focus on philosophy but it’s not something to be afraid of,” Cance said. “I know people get nervous about philosophy, but I think it’s going to discuss philosophy, and it will apply back to what we are currently going through.”

All of the book clubs are welcome to use a cozy living room downstairs if the club purchases their books at the Printed Garden. 

Cance himself has been in the book business for more than 20 years, after a brief stint as a chef. 

“Every bookstore that I’ve loved has been a gathering place for people with similar interests,” Cance said. 

Cance described bookstores as being a place that contains the ideas of people over thousands of years. The books contain people’s lives. 

“These are collections of people’s ideas and other people find their way to those places,” Cance said. “A bookstore is not like other retail. It’s a place to spend time. I want to foster that idea.”

Cance is very passionate about books, calling them the great equalizer.

“It doesn’t matter who you are—rich or poor, black or white, or a man or a woman,” Cance said. “Anyone can read the same books. If you can read, you can have a full, rich, satisfying life.” 

The Printed Garden is located at 9445 South Union Square in Sandy. It is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information, call
385-695-2042 or visit