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City Council Highlights: Intermountain bond money approved, budget hearings continue

May 04, 2016 03:36PM ● By Chris Larson

Bond money from Utah County to Alta View Hospital

Sandy City Council held public hearings for use of Utah County’s $130 million bond effort to Intermountain Healthcare service in Sandy on Tuesday night, May 3. 

The resolution specifies that the Alta View Hospital campus at 9660 S. 1300 East will receive improvements to about “160,000 square feet of hospital replacement space and approximately 110,000 square feet of of medical clinic space” will be improved.

Intermountain Healthcare spokesman Daron Cowley said in an interview after the meeting that the bond money will be used to upgrade or build facilities all over the state to meet current community needs like expanding outpatient services.

Water district budget hearing

Metropolitan Water District of Salt Lake and Sandy General Manager Michael L. Wilson told the council that the water district's approved budgeted revenue was $43.5 million, based on an 8 percent increase of revenues from water sales, and approved expense are $50.8 million.

Wilson also told the council the budget proposes the water district move away from per volume charges to a fixed rate to avoid “volatile revenues” because of projected decreased water usage based on successful water conservation efforts.

Dimple Dale rezoning discussion

The council also discussed the rezoning of the south ridge of Dimple Dell Park for development. Councilman Chris McCandless gave a presentation claiming that the effort would require the council to establish legislation that both preserved the character of the area while incentivizing developers to develop the area well. This was discussed in an information session; no official resolutions were in question.

Updated Long Term Financial Analysis

Sandy City finance director Brian Kelley presented an update to his November 2015 Long Term Financial Analysis which presents four different scenarios in a ten year forecast of the city’s anticipated revenues and expenditures for the general fund based, in part, on the past 10 years' data. 

Read more here: Sandy Faces Potential Multi-Million Dollar Deficit by 2020 - Jan 26, 2016 03:40PM

The fourth scenario presented assumptions that allowed for revenues to match expenditure over the next 10 years. Kelley’s assumed revenues to increase annually at an average 1.2 percent and average expenditures increase 2.3 percent annually.

The financial analysis also proposed the following increased property tax rates:

  • "Increased property tax rate 11 percent in FY 2019"
  • "Increased property tax rate over 8 percent in FY 2020"
  • "Increased property tax rate over 5 percent in FY 2021"
  • "Increased property tax rate over 5 percent in FY 2023"

It also assumes money from sales tax provide “$89 per capita for population increase,” the addition of one large retailer on financial years 2018 and in 2023, one mid size retailer in financial year 2018 and one new restaurant in financial year 2018 and two new restaurants in financial year 2023.

It also proposes that personnel requests for financial year 2018 be delayed to later years.

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