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City Council Highlights: Testy Citizens Comment, various resolutions approved

May 18, 2016 12:11PM ● By Chris Larson
The Sandy City Council heard a testy Citizens Comment and approved six resolutions including changes to standing medians, approving citizen appointees to various committees and giving the Planning Commission exclusive authority over the Rio Tinto Stadium Parking Management Plan on May 17. 

Citizen Comment gets testy

During Citizen Comment, Sherry Strickler of  2063 East Pepperwood Drive criticized the council, namely Steve Fairbanks, for approving Ivory Home's application to rezone the westerly neighboring property, 2031 E. Pepperwood Drive, to a Planned Unit Development District from a Convenience Commercial District. 

In the Jan. 12 council meeting, the council was only able to approve the rezone after six failed votes and one seventh vote with Fairbanks conceding to have Councilman Chris McCandless' request that recommendations be considered by the Planning Commission before they finally approve the project. 

"In my opinion, there was nothing fair about Mr. Fairbanks steamrolling the council until he got the vote he wanted," Strickler said. She and her husband also spoke against the rezone at the Jan. 12 meeting. 

She also said "high density" housing in the area was incongruent with surrounding properties. 

Strickler praised McCandless for pushing for the recommendations and asked that the council make sure they are taken seriously. McCandless said he would not vote for the rezone if the recommendations are disregarded. 

New Median Code

Sandy City Police Captain William O'Neil explained an amendment to city code that would forbid pedestrians from being on medians that are less than 36 inches or any unpaved medians due to potentially catastrophic trip hazards. 

He said this would be enforced by citation and the police would issue citations to homeless people on the medians. 

Citizens approved for committees

The council approved the resolution on the consent calendar appointing the following citizen  to citizen committees:

1. Stephen R. Geddes to fill a term ending at noon on March 31, 2018
2. Marilyn Morgan to fill a term ending at noon on March 31, 2018

Community Development Block Group:
1. Erik Allen to fill a term ending at noon on March 31, 2018
2. Wade Greewood to fill a term ending at noon on March 31, 2018

Historic Preservation:
1. Tim Zurver to fill a term ending on March 31, 2018
2. Jeff Smith to fill a term ending on March 31, 2016

Parks, Recreation and Trails:
1. Diana Van Uitert to fill a term ending at noon on March 31, 2018
2. Corliss Lipzinski to fill a term ending at noon on March 31, 2018

1. Jay Seegmiller to fill a term ending at noon on March 31, 2018
2. John Winder to fill a term ending at noon on March 31, 2018

Council abdicates review of Rio Tinto Stadium Parking Management Plan to Planning Commission

Fairbanks introduced a resolution that put the review of the Rio Tinto parking planning in the hands of the Planning Commission. He said that there was nothing legally that said that the stadium bring the plan before the council annually and that the council formally give it up. 

Mayor Tom Dolan said that his office was in negotiation with Salt Lake County and Workers Compensation Fund for Rio Tinto to be a potential user of WCF's 1,250-stall parking structure located north of City Hall. 

Councilman Stephen Smith said he initially wanted to have the plan come to the council annually because it was unclear what the impact the stadium would have on the community and the obligations the the stadium and council to each other and the community. He said these issues have resolved themselves.