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Big O Tires

Aug 01, 2016 09:18AM ● By Bryan Scott

Let’s face it…

Most of us aren’t as car-savvy as we would like to think. If we were, mechanics wouldn’t exits. As it stands, we all need an expert to advise on product purchases and provide services to keep our cars running right.

But who do we trust to keep one of our most expensive investments working? An expert needs to be trusted and show success through longevity and growth.

Founded over half a century ago, Big O Tire provides the brands and affordability of a major manufacturer, but with the local touch and accountability if an independent tire dealer.

Locally, Big O provides that local customer service and knowledge and access of one of North American’s larger tire retailers with nearly 400 locations in the United States. That’s about eight new locations every year.

“Big O Tires is the team you trust. It’s the truth!” said the franchise ownership in a statement.

Superb customer service is only one reason Big O Tire franchises in Draper and South Jordan have succeeded for 20 years. Great customer service and quality products have fostered a customer base loyal enough to keep these locations open for two decades and to open yet another franchise location.

Located at 4689 West 12600 South Riverton, this new Big O opened in April 23, 2016 providing the same “one stop shop” for cars, trucks, boats and trailers.

Store manager Nick Brindamour said his family-centered storefront allows for parents with children to experience a calm and homey feel. Offering something as simple as video and television show streaming, popcorn, cookies, coffee and other drinks helps to take the stress out of having your car worked on.

“Things are more casual around here,” Brindamour said. “We try to be as respectful a possible to our customers and get our work done in a timely manner.”

He also said that there is no pressure for customers to come in knowing exactly what they need, yet another way they take the stress out of their experience. With around 15 employees, there is more than enough experience and knowhow help figure out what customers need.

“If I can help everyone as much as I possibly can and everyone leaves happy, it makes me happy and I know I did my job right,” Brindamour said.