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Sandy Journal

Creative Wigs

Aug 04, 2016 04:09PM ● By Bryan Scott

Wigs are fun. Halloween and Comic Con are the obvious events for such style choices, but have you ever contemplated how a new look—in the form of a wig—can brighten your normal life, too?  A man with a nice suit and healthy head of hair gets promoted faster—and has better success in dating. Permanent hair attachments are available for men; they can exercise and even go swimming without anyone knowing the difference.  Wigs are time savers. Professional women, who don’t want to spend that hour in the morning getting ready for work, can quickly apply a professional looking hairpiece and be ready to go. After a day in the jungle while on a cruise, no fuss is needed; a woman only needs to slip into her new look and she is ready for a formal dinner. Wigs get attention. Going to a party on the weekend with a new color, or different hair style, means an opportunity for impressing a new group of friends. Look better; feel younger with the help of Creative Wigs.

50 years ago Jan McCullough, founder and owner of Creative Wigs, began simply fixing her mother’s hair. Soon she was doing hair and wigs for her mother’s friends. She found a job in a wig shop, and when the owner left, she took over the business. During college Jan supported herself and put her husband through school by traveling the state and combing wigs for her clients. 

Jan’s first retail space was opened in Provo, and not long after a shop was opened in Sandy. With a shop in Bountiful also, Jan eventually consolidated to a boutique-type shop on 33rd South and 10th East in Salt Lake with a larger inventory and additional services. Ever the busy lady, Jan next acquired a shop in St. George on Bluff Street. This April, there was a grand opening of the South Jordan store at 10318 South Redwood Road with twice the space, twice the inventory, twice the services—and twice the fun.

As her business expanded, Jan enlisted her daughters and a sister as managers and hired professional cosmetologists and estheticians to provide services that her clients needed, such as permanent makeup, lashes, and manicures. Jan’s motto of “Look Better and Feel Younger” addresses the desire of all women to improve their appearance, but the real core of her business is the need for men and women to address the loss of their hair. Her expert staff specializes in helping people who struggle with genetic male-pattern baldness, Alopecia and Trichotillomania diseases, and hair loss due to cancer treatments. 

The new lines of human-hair and synthetic wigs and hairpieces with mono-filament and lace fronts means that no one can tell you are wearing hair that is not your own. 

Wigs are now cool, comfortable, “wash-and-wear”, and when properly fitted are easy to put on. Come by 10318 South Redwood Road in South Jordan to meet the staff of Creative Wigs and try on your new look.