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Mayor's Message

Oct 28, 2016 11:45AM ● By Bryan Scott

By Tom Dolan

Sandy, Utah - Political elections can often be contentious, but the 2016 presidential election has been particularly negative, disheartening and often, sickening. It’s no wonder we all are tired of hearing about politics, lament the state of our country and worry our elected o-fficials have lost sight of who they serve.

This bad behavior by a few has no doubt diminished the respect citizens have for all levels of government, and by extension, tarnished the reputation of all elected o-fficials, unfairly. I share the disdain for the state of politics today and I’m more frustrated every time I turn on the television. I was frankly feeling fed up with it all, but then I looked out during city council and saw the scouts. I was able to give out awards to citizens who had gone out of their way to beautify their neighborhoods. I reflected on the courageous stories I hear about our police o-fficers keeping our city safe, of the youth accomplishing amazing feats and about the many volunteers who donate so many hours to make our community unique. I felt thankful for their contributions and in that moment, I forgot the negativity of this election.

And, that’s when it hit me. America will always be great because of its people and for the good they do on neighborhood streets across this country. That is what should be celebrated!

My greatest enjoyment as an elected o-fficial is my personal interaction with those I serve. I vow to ramp up my efforts even more to get out on the streets of our community to “Find The Good” happening daily.

Yes, November is election month, but more importantly, it is a month to be thankful. Imagine the difference in our collective attitude if we all took a few moments to reflect on what made us thankful instead of the negativity of politics. So, let’s do it, let’s make a difference. I challenge each of you to “#FindTheGood.”

How to join Mayor Dolan and #FindTheGood:

1. Record a video either A. sharing things you are thankful for and/or B. as you spot good going on in our community.

2. Share your video on Facebook and tag Sandy City and add #FindTheGood to your post.

3. We will share some of our favorite videos with our followers and continue to spread the positivity across our world!

Bonus: Check out Sandy City on Facebook to see others’ videos, including our own Mayor Dolan and other City officials.