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Sandy Visual Arts Show hailed a success

Dec 02, 2016 02:37PM ● By Kelly Cannon

220 submissions were entered into the Sandy Visual Arts Show this year. (Kelly Cannon/City Journals)

By Kelly Cannon | [email protected]

The Sandy Visual Arts Show is being hailed as a success after its 10-day run at the Sandy Senior Center during the end of October. The show drew 220 submissions from artists around the state. 

“In a single word I would describe the quality of the submissions as amazing,” said Robin Saville, marketing and development director with the Sandy Arts Guild. “There was a lot of diversity in the submissions that results in many different art categories.”

The show started 10 years ago by the Sandy Arts Guild after a group of Sandy residents asked for an art show. Saville said the visual art show allows participants to showcase their work, further develop their artistic talent and put those talents on display.

“For some artists they can't wait to showcase their art. For others it can be difficult to receive public comment,” Saville said. “Community art also helps to create more vibrant neighborhoods, enhancing mental and physical health, increasing community involvement and engagement, as well as fostering neighborhood revitalization.”

Saville said the show was held at the Sandy Senior Center because not only does it have enough space to display all the entries but it’s easy to find, has plenty of parking and has lots of daily foot traffic.

Submitted artwork included watercolor, oils/acrylics, clay art in the form of either pottery or sculpture, and photography. There was a separate category for artists with disabilities. The art show was judged by Al Round and Doug Sims, two local artists. Prize money ranging from $50 to $700 was awarded to the winners. 

The winner of Best in Show was Brian Jensen for his clay art “Green Crystalline Bottle.” 

The winners for oils/acrylics, starting with first place and ending in fifth place, were Dan Wilson for “The Beginner,” Susan Jarvis for “Four Apples,” Richard Miles for “Morning Cloak,” Lucia Heffernan for “Madame Blanche” and Jeanne Flint for “Desert Bloom.”

The winners for watercolors, starting with first place and ending in fifth place, were John Fackrell for “Gnarly Pumpkins,” Colleen Reynolds for “Old School,” Susan Gerberding for “Fall, Spring City Utah,” Gayle Allen for “Hong Kong Temple” and Emily Thomas for “Nightfall in San Jose.”

The winners for photography, starting with first place and ending in fifth place, were Richard Ansley for “False Kiva,” Shayne Shaw for “Web of Gold,” Richard Faldmo for “Faded Melodies,” Jason Rollins for “Unita Solitude” and Cornelia Cannon for “Autumn Reflection.” 

The winners for clay arts, starting with first place and ending in third place, were Kristena Eden with “The Spirit of Earth Wall Hangning,” Kyle Goldstein for “Red Bowl” and Peggy Milligan for “Ice Bucket/Pottery.”

The winners for sculpture, starting with first place and ending in third place, were Sue Shuppy with “Bronze Rabbit,” Randy Thomas with “Queen and Her Jesters” and Mary Adams with “Filled with Wisdom (Luke 2:40).”

The winner in the category for artists with disabilities, from first to third place, were Chris O’Conner with “Fish,” Marilyn Neilson with “Two Suns” and Benny Lozano with “Composition 1.”

The Sandy Visual Arts Show also held a People’s Choice Awards where guests could vote on their favorite pieces. In the category of sculpture, the winner was Jonathan Morgan for “Perception.” There was a tie for clay arts between Young Chun’s “Self Portrait” and Brian Jensen’s “Green Crystalline Bottle.” There was also a tie for watercolors between Laura Blum’s “One Pink Peony” and John Fackrell’s “Gnarly Pumpkins.” The winner for oils/acrylics was Larry Osoro for “Fancy Feline.” The winner for photography was Shayne Shaw with “Web of Gold.” In the category for artists with disabilities, the winner was Chris O’Connor with “Fish.”

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