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Alta volleyball player earns multiple awards for 2016 season

Jan 20, 2017 02:59PM ● By Billy Swartzfager

Alta’s Mimi Dahlin during her senior season. (Mary Vodisek/Resident)

By Billy Swartzfager | [email protected]
Alta senior Mimi Dahlin had a fantastic final season on the volleyball court. She earned multiple awards for her leadership and accomplishments around the net. Dahlin earned a first-team all-region nod for Region 7. She was awarded Athlete of the Month at Alta for her work in October. And, she was issued the Most Outstanding Player award at Alta by her coaches. 
Dahlin excelled in volleyball this season for certain, as well as seasons past, but she excelled in the classroom as well, perhaps more so. Along with the hardware she brought home pertaining to her competitive play, she also earned several awards that rewarded her focus in the classroom while playing sports. Dahlin has maintained a 4.0 GPA, earning 4A academic all-state honors. Keeping impeccable grades is difficult enough alone. Dahlin has done so while practicing volleyball every day, leaving school early for away meets and working 20–30 hours per week at a veterinary hospital.
“It’s hard; I prioritize, stay organized and plan ahead,” Dahlin said. “I have to work with teachers a lot, especially when missing school for meets.”
In addition to the academic all-state accolades, Dahlin was also given recognition for academic all-region. Dahlin also merited a Friday Night Rivals Scholar Athlete award, issued by KUTV. She was chosen for that honor by a rival team, and was recognized during a meet. Dahlin will be placed in a pool of other winners for a chance to earn a scholarship.
Dahlin is planning on where she will attend college in the fall. With such amazing grades and other accomplishments on her resume, she has the opportunity to choose where she would like to go. She is considering staying close to home with the University of Utah, as well as some schools in the Midwest, the University of Wisconsin and Loyola University in Chicago.
Dahlin loves math and science. She is also very interested in anatomy and medicine and is planning on attending a biomedical engineering program wherever she ends up, which could open doors to becoming a doctor and other noble pursuits.
“It is going to be challenging, but I am looking forward to it,” Dahlin said.
Dahlin’s mother Mary Vodisek was recently informed that her daughter is the top of her class, number one of 443, and couldn’t be more proud.
“Mimi is extremely focused and very competitive. She has worked very hard to earn everything she has accomplished,” Vodisek said.
Dahlin balances her incredibly demanding schedule in order to stay ahead in the classroom, in top form in sports and to work a part-time job to save money for her future. She likes being busy and plans accordingly. Dahlin oftentimes gives up weekends and evenings with friends in order to achieve her many lofty goals. She even took an online course to get ahead for something much further down the line. Dahlin realized she would eventually need a pre-calculus course as a requisite for something she wished to pursue in the future and went out and took the course online, on her own, to stay in line with her objectives.
Dahlin has spent the last four years in high school preparing for her future. Her performance in the classroom has been rewarding and will likely continue to be so. She also will leave a legacy behind with classmates to follow. Dahlin had a fantastic four years on the volleyball court at Alta and her accomplishments will be remembered by her peers and coaches.
“She is tough, scrappy and never quits,” Alta Head Coach Michael Gansauge said of Dahlin's style of play.