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$2,000 Utah “treasure hunt” starts today

Jun 01, 2018 09:53AM ● By Jana Klopsch


By Justin Adams | [email protected]

Let’s be honest. None of us have really given up that childhood dream of finding a secret map or solving a series of clues and riddles that lead to some kind of hidden treasure. This month one group of Utahns are hoping to make that fantasy a reality for a few lucky people.

Utah Treasure Hunt’s very first hunt starts today, Friday, June 1. At some point, they will be releasing the first clue in the form of a poem/riddle that lead to the treasure location, at least for those who are clever enough to solve it. Additional clues will be released throughout the month until someone claims the prize.

“Our goal is to release the additional clues in such a manner that hunters will find the treasure 3-4 weeks after the hunt has begun,” said Utah Treasure Hunt in an email to The City Journals.

The individuals behind Utah Treasure Hunt say they are just a group of wealthy Utahns who want to remain anonymous in order to “protect the identity of the people involved so that they are not being stalked or bothered” by the people participating.

“The main motivation behind Utah Treasure Hunt is to get Utah families out enjoying our beautiful state this summer!” said the group’s email.

There will be a main prize each month this summer, as well as smaller prizes throughout the month which will have easier clues. Those will be more like a race than a hunt, according to the group.

“We expect prizes to get much larger in the near future. Anything from new cars to dream vacations to tens of thousands in prize winnings,” they wrote.

Those wishing to participate in the hunt can register at the Utah Treasure Hunt website, so that they can receive the clues via email.