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Sandy City to start Citizen Advisory Focus Groups

Jun 11, 2018 03:59PM ● By Justin Adams
By Justin Adams | [email protected]

One of the reasons that Sandy Mayor Kurt Bradburn ran for mayor was because he felt like he had no voice when he attended various city meetings as a citizen. Now as mayor, he's trying to make sure that Sandy residents can help steer the course of the city.

The city is going to be forming various Citizen Advisory Focus Groups to incorporate the skills, expertise, and perspectives of Sandy's population into the city government.

"This is something Mayor Bradburn is really committed to. He really wants to bring people in to city government and have their input. City government is meant to serve the people of the city so we need to know what they want," said Bradburn's deputy mayor Evelyn Everton.

The city is hoping to establish at least eight of these focus groups, which will focus on issues like the city budget, cultural arts, sustainability, trails and open space, technology, community events, development, and community health. 

"We’d be thrilled if we had 4-6 people on each committee. More voices at the table is a great thing and good decisions are going to be made that way," said Everton.

The groups' main responsibility would be to "s
tudy the topic area and provide recommendations by priority, costs, pros and cons to city administration."

Sandy residents interested in joining one of these focus groups can fill out a form on the Sandy City website.