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Sandy Farm Bureau Agent Danial Dew focuses on people, not prices, and peace of mind

Aug 27, 2018 03:04PM ● By Travis Barton

By Heather Lawrence | [email protected] 

The first thing that Danial Dew wants you to know about his Farm Bureau agency is that they do things differently there. 

“I’ve never liked the sales component of insurance. My main purpose is not to sell. It’s to make sure my customers are covered,” said Dew.

Dew’s priority is meeting with people. That face-to-face time is essential to the way he does business. “My approach to working with people is to start with a conversation. I ask this question: What’s at the center of your world? Then we figure out how to protect it.” 

Farm Bureau offers coverage for home, auto, life, farm and ranch, business and workman’s comp. Once Dew understands what’s at the center of a customer’s world, he creates a diagram. 

“It’s actually like the customers are interviewing me. We make sure this will be a good working relationship both ways,” said Dew. He loves finding the customers who are ready to make sure they are protected. 

“Many people don’t understand the limits of their coverage,” said Dew. “Many ‘best quote’ auto insurance companies sell state mandated minimum insurance coverage. While these companies can have the lowest monthly fee, they also have a cap of $15,000 on a vehicle. Many vehicles today cost more than that, so how do you make up the difference if you are in an accident?”  Dew said that with a focus on the needs of his customers, he can secure coverage that is far beyond the industry standard. 

Without an agent, chances are you end up dealing with someone in a call center. “You know how it is with a call center. You’ll get a different person each time you call in. That isn’t a relationship. My customers have my phone number – office and cell – and my email address. You can contact my assistant Dawn Skowronski or my sales associate James Tambourine. You shouldn’t worry about whether or not it’s ok to call or text your agent. We are here for you,” said Dew. 

The agency office, located at 9865 S. State Street near Jordan High School, is easily accessible. There are underwriters and claims adjusters in the same building. Understanding a claim or getting a question answered is as easy as walking upstairs. “We sometimes win on price, but we always win on quality,” Dew said.

Dew said he knows these conversations are hard. 

“In my experience, 50 percent to 70 percent of people don’t understand what their liability limits are. They don’t want to think about needing life insurance, or they don’t know that if their sprinkler breaks, they might not be covered for outside damage. These are hard conversations to have, but I enjoy the education piece. I sit down with all my customers at least once a year and revisit their needs. We don’t leave people underinsured. We just don’t.”


435.764.5907 [email protected]


9865 S. State Street in Sandy

Assistant: Dawn Skowronski number 801.900.0144