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Ski & Snowboard News / Solitude explains how its paid parking works

Oct 27, 2019 08:38AM ● By Harriet Wallis

Cars crowd Big Cottonwood Canyon / photo: Salt Lake Tribune

The problem

Bumper to bumper traffic during ski season has become a nightmare in Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons. The resort parking lots quickly get jammed full. While multiple possible solutions have been on the table for years -- and the list keeps growing -- nothing has been decided.

Solitude spearheads solutions / and scheduled to open Nov. 23

1) It added 200 parking spaces to the east end of its parking lot,

2) added more lockers to convenience skies who ride the UTA ski bus,

3) will launch a carpool app so skiers can find or offer rides,

4) provides employee shuttles,

5) and -- for those who want to drive -- Solitude will charge for parking.

Here's how paid parking works

"Guests who drive to Solitude will pay after they park, so this should not create a bottleneck. As cars enter the parking lot, an employee will quickly evaluate occupancy and hand the driver a code that reflects the number of people in the car," said Solitude's Communications Manager Sara Huey.

"After parking, guests use an app or use a solar-powered kiosk to enter (1) their license plate number, and (2) their occupancy code, and pay the appropriate amount. From there, they can head to the slopes.

"Employees will scan license plates in the lot throughout the day, and the system will match plates as they are scanned with plates that have been paid for. For those who purchase a season parking pass, their license plate will be listed as “paid” in the system all season long."

Go to for more information about Solitude's transportation initiatives.

Skiers have options

1) IKON and Solitude season pass holders can ride the UTA ski bus free. No parking fee!

2) Or, IKON and Solitude season pass holders can buy a season pass parking permit for $150.

3) Non-season pass holders can buy a season pass parking permit for $225.

4) Carpool and save. The daily parking fee is based on the number of people in the car and it ranges from $5 to $20.

Parking on the road

Huey notes that parking on the road is "the purview of UDOT. We always simply advise guests to observe posted signs and, if they choose to park along the highway, make sure all four tires are right of the white line to avoid ticketing and towing."

Personal observation from last season

Cars that were parked illegally on the road last season were often ticketed or towed.