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Try the GetOutPass for giving the gift of experience

Nov 12, 2019 04:02PM ● By Christy Jepson

The GetOutPass offers over 65  attractions statewide, including Lagoon. (Photo courtesy GetOutPass)

By Christy Jepson | [email protected] 

With the holidays approaching, are you wondering what to get your kids that doesn’t require batteries or USB cords? What about investing in something that guarantees family fun time? What about instead of buying toys that usually last 12 days, you buy something that lasts 12 months? The GetOutPass might be your perfect solution for a new holiday gift this year. 

The GetOutPass is a fairly new entertainment pass which offers pass holders the opportunity to visit 17 venues in the Salt Lake Valley, 20 venues in Utah County, 13 in Davis/Weber Area, seven in the Logan area, and four venues in the St. George area. You also get a one-time yearly admission to their featured venues: Lagoon, Cowabunga Bay, Brighton Resort, and one Cherry Peak concert ticket. According to their website, some of the venues allow weekly visits, some monthly visits, some quarterly visits and some you visit just once during the 12-month period. 

The GetOutPass was created in 2017 by three friends: Charles Belliston, TC Krueger and Taggart Krueger. “Our goal was to get more families out doing more things together. We all felt that too many people were just spending days and evenings at home watching Netflix and playing Fortnite. We decided we needed to come up with a solution, we wanted people out doing things together and creating memories,” said Belliston, one of the cofounders.

So, with this goal in mind, the three of them created a statewide pass that allows families the chance to spend more time together while offering more opportunities to visit places they normally wouldn’t visit. They can see their hard work paying off because of the success of the pass since it started two years ago. 

Utah is not the only place where you can get a GetOutPass. The company has expanded and now offers passes in Idaho, Washington, Colorado and the Sacramento, California area. Although each pass has a different price and offers different attractions and venues, the pass works the same way. “The GetOutPass really is an awesome thing for both families and venues. That's why it's such a growing success,” Belliston said.  

The Utah GetOutPass is $149.95 per person and includes almost $3,000 in free admissions all year. Some of the Salt Lake area attractions include Cowabunga Bay, Fat Cats, Jump Around Utah, Bazooka Ball, Brighton Ski Resort, Chaos Escape Rooms and more. 

“We are constantly adding new places for our members to get out and enjoy making memories. Every time a new venue is added, it's simply a bonus for our members, we never charge anything to our existing members, they simply get the new offers for free,” Belliston said. 

The up-front cost might seem a little pricey in comparison to other local passes, but the pass pays for itself if you just go to the four featured venues: Lagoon, Cowabunga Bay, Brighton Resort and Cherry Hill. Then all the other 65 attractions statewide are just an extra bonus while building memories, going to new places and having fun for 12 months. 

For a list of all the attractions and venues on the Utah GetOutPass and for more information visit The pass is good for 12 consecutive months from the date of purchase. 

Some of the Salt Lake area attractions include:

Lagoon (one admission yearly)

Cowabunga Bay (one admission yearly)

Brighton Ski Resort (one admission yearly)

Cherry Peak Summer Concert Series (one admission yearly)

Fat Cats (weekly admission)

Momentum (one admission yearly)

Kangaroo Zoo (three free admissions)

Paintball Addicts (unlimited visits)

Bazooka Ball (monthly admission)

Jump Around Utah (quarterly admission)

Dart Nation Nerf Tag Arena (monthly admission)

The Farm at Gardner Village (weekly admission)

Game Tyrant (multiple offers)

Highjump (one admission yearly)

Puzzling Adventures (one admission yearly)

Chaos Escape Rooms (one admission yearly)

Straight Flight Golf (one admission yearly)

The Escape Key (one admission yearly)

Laser Quest (one admission yearly)