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Sandy City hosting holiday scavenger hunt

Nov 25, 2019 02:02PM ● By Justin Adams

Find the snowman, win the prize. (Sandy City)

By Justin Adams | [email protected]

Sandy residents might want to keep an eye on the city’s Facebook page in the coming weeks as they’ll be hosting a holiday scavenger hunt activity. 

Each day, “Sandy the Snowman” will be hiding a treasure somewhere in the city, then posting a photo clue to the Sandy City Facebook page. The first one to decipher the clue and go to the location will find an ornament, which they can take to City Hall and exchange for various prizes being provided by local businesses, such as gift cards or tickets to Hale Centre Theatre shows.

“It’s a great way to get the community to have this thing they can go out with their families and do together,” said special events coordinator for the city, Keaton Asay.

Asay said residents can expect the clues to be challenging enough that they’re not obvious, but not so hard that people have to search for several hours. 

He also said the clues will be posted during different times of the day to allow families with different schedules to participate. 

Initially, the community events department wanted to use the activity to introduce a new city mascot. A post on the city’s Facebook page asked residents to help think of what the mascot might be, and resulted in many responses. 

The idea for a city mascot came from the city of Herriman, Asay told the Sandy Journal. Herriman’s mascot is a yeti, and can be found at all of the city’s community events, including a similar holiday scavenger hunt. 

Ultimately, the city ran out of time to decide on a permanent mascot for the city so the Sandy Snowman will act as the public face of the upcoming event only. However, Asay said the city is still looking at the possibility of instituting a year-round mascot.

The scavenger hunt will run from Dec. 3 through Dec. 20, Monday through Saturday, with a new clue being posted each day.