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Two Utah friends launch a stellar fashion startup: Crossing Star Clothing

Jan 14, 2020 03:21PM ● By Amy Green

Lauren LaCroix models her own astrology inspired T-shirt design. (Photo courtesy/Crossing Star Clothing)

By: Amy Green | [email protected]

In October 2019, Utah said goodbye to a major local fashion icon of menswear. Mr. Mac Christensen lived to the impressive age of 85, and he died a legend. His storefronts across Utah and Arizona specialize in suits, ties, button-down shirts and more. Over the decades, Mr. Mac’s name and TV commercials fell familiar on many ears. His fitting and tailoring stores remain a go-to place for Sunday best, proms, missionary wardrobes, job interviews, weddings and funerals.  

Over Christensen’s lifetime, there have been many shifts in how fashion is accepted and represented. With the help of historical fashion icons like David Bowie and Prince, suits aren't just for men anymore. Shirts and pants don’t have to be male or female specified. Fashion has made steps in more directions, to fit a scope of shapes, sizes and personal identifications. 

Recently, two Utah friends put their heads together to put their own stamp on the fashion universe, forming a new startup company called Crossing Star Clothing. Levi Jewell and Lauren LaCroix are the founders. They met during high school in American Fork. 

The friends reunited after not seeing each other for a few years. Jewell said, “I had actually been thinking about starting a clothing company for months. I was just having a hard time finding the right motivation. I already had the idea, and who I was going to use for it. Lauren contacted me. She just wanted to hang out. She had no idea what I was going to talk to her about.” Jewell and LaCroix took a long drive and talked about the possibilities for three hours. They worked out some of the logistics, made real plans, and got committed to start a company together. Now they are business partners and best friends.

The two have already gone to a lot of work getting Crossing Star Clothing legally licensed, and to make it an official LLC. Currently, they sell the clothes from their website, They have also begun to branch out on social media to inform about events, answer customer inquiries and show the style they have. The clothes could be described as effortless, comfortable street wear, with clean minimalistic logos. 

The website reveals their mission: “Crossing Star Clothing has dedicated itself to creating new unique custom designs, while also focusing on the well-being and mental health of our community and our customers. Everyone in this world deserves to look and feel their best and we’re here to help.” It finishes with: “Everyone has their place among the stars.”

Levi Jewell models an astrology inspired T-shirt from his Crossing Star Clothing line. (Photo courtesy/Crossing Star Clothing)


Something especially cool about this power duo is they also do their own modeling and photography of the clothes. They go around Utah to find beautiful landmarks. They pose and do active candid shots, all directed and managed themselves. These new business owners are multitalented and put heart and soul into it all. 

LaCroix explained her design process saying, “Our first design was Aries. The fun backstory to that one is that it was originally a tattoo I designed for a friend. The friendship didn’t continue so the design was never used. It felt like a shame. Then he (Jewell) came to me about the business idea and reminded me about what I’m capable of designing. I thought, we should do a zodiac line. So we did careful research into the signs, and what shapes, elements and symbols meant.” The diverse zodiacs are represented in the line of unisex options. “We don’t want to limit our clothes just to one gender,” LaCroix added.

Jewell and LaCroix have plans to do venues like FanX, where art and creative clothing is a big part of those events. But one does not have to attend an event to find their clothes for sale. They take orders directly from the website. And more can be seen on their Facebook page, Crossing Star Clothing. With some basic styles to choose from, a customer can select the details and order a preferred color and favorite astrology logo. They have plans to do a winter solstice line and to keep more of LaCroix’s art graphics coming.

Both Jewell and LaCroix had difficult relationship breakups prior to reuniting and making plans. They agree it was a catalyst for reaching out to a trusted friend. “Sometimes your whole world has to come burning down so you can build a new one,” LaCroix said. They motivated each other to stay uplifted and pursue meaningful things. “It helps start the fire that gets you going,” Jewell said. 

A Crossing Star Clothing launch party was held recently at the Clever Bean (656 Est 11400 South Draper) on Nov. 15. Free drinks were served to the first groups of people who came. The Clever Bean coffee shop is known for hosting community events and supporting local, helping people get the word out and to boost visibility. 

A high priority of the coffee shop owners is to offer a welcoming place where people can meet for hot drinks, frozen lemonade or a pastry, while getting to know what projects are going on in the community. The evening launch party was relaxed and inviting. Even those in wild suits and formal wear would have been welcomed. 

Suits still have a timeless place in society, and thankfully, new ideas emerge to keep fashion interesting. Two-piece suits now come in any color of the rainbow, and even in all-over holiday prints. Some clothes can make a surprisingly stunning combo — like a Mr. Mac sport jacket layered over a Crossing Star T-shirt. The possibilities of fashion can be playful and vast. 

Many agree that Mr. Mac Christensen has a shining place among the stars. David Bowie and Prince have likely settled well “suited” somewhere too. Crossing Star Clothing believes that all people with any astrological sign are significant. Everyone has a place among the stars (and also at the Clever Bean).