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Waterford twins to continue their lacrosse careers at Service Academies

Jun 02, 2021 09:39AM ● By Tavia Dutson

Twins Jack and Jaimeson Meyer, who are seniors at Waterford, signed their official letters of intent on May 4. (Photo courtesy Mike Meyer)

By Tavia Dutson | [email protected]

When Jack and Jaimeson Meyer were only freshmen at Waterford, they knew that their lacrosse talents could take them to big places.

“The difference in my game from eighth grade to freshman year was insane. I just never expected myself to rise to that level,” Jack said.

After seeing their twins succeed at lacrosse, Monique and Mike Meyer began searching for opportunities for Jack and Jaimeson to compete at a higher level. They joined competitive teams in the state and around the country, with Jaimeson competing for the national team. The Meyers knew that if they wanted to play lacrosse at the collegiate level, they needed to stand out.

“I did my research and put myself out there. I went to lots of tournaments, played for a lot of private teams,” Jack said.

When Jack and Jaimeson started their college searches, they knew they both wanted to attend Service Academies. The Meyers grew up in a family with a rich history in the armed forces. Mike, their father, graduated from the Air Force Academy and then went on to fly F-16s for them. 

“It's an awesome opportunity. I want to serve my country and so does Jaimeson. Our dad went to the Air Force so he brought that legacy to our family,” Jack said.

Along with Mike’s connection, Monique grew up in a military family. Monique’s father, Joe Mezo, retired as a lieutenant colonel in the Army. He was awarded a Silver Star in Vietnam. 

“My father was career Army so we have always valued love of country and service to others,” Monique said.

After narrowing down his search, Jack then looked at which schools would provide him with the career opportunities he wanted. Jack is hoping to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a pilot with the Air Force or Navy.

“First, I looked at their opportunities after graduation. I found awesome opportunities at USMMA. I can go into any of the branches of the military,” Jack said. The United States Merchant Marine Academy is located in Kings Point, New York. 

Jaimeson committed to the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland the summer before her junior year

As Jack and Jaimeson signed their official letters of intent on May 4 they agreed to live four hours apart for the first time. Although Monique is incredibly proud of them, she admits that letting her only two children leave home at the same time will be tough.

“I will miss them both so much, but I'm so incredibly proud of them and thrilled to see what the future holds for them,” Monique said.

Both the Meyers will be entering programs with great legacies. 

Jaimeson will be playing at the Naval Academy under head coach Cindy Timchal, the winningest coach in women’s lacrosse. Jaimeson is the first Utah lacrosse player, male or female, to be recruited by the United States Naval Academy.

Jack will play under coach Tom Gill, who has led the Mariners for the past 30 seasons. Jack cannot wait to learn from the experienced coach Gill.

“He’s a really good coach and he has a lot of championships under his belt. I have looked at the team and watched them playing. They are really competitive,” Jack said.

Although the Meyers are looking ahead with excitement, they are still incredibly focused on the remainder of their senior lacrosse season at Waterford. Both will be competing for a state title at the highest level in Utah lacrosse, Class A.

The Ravens will be sad to see the talented Meyers leave, but they will be counted among the countless Waterford graduates to excel in college and beyond.