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Blizzard coming; no snow day for White City students

Jan 27, 2022 11:15AM ● By Julie Slama

Aiden and Lillian Arvanitas, who attend the new Glacier Hills Elementary School, were on hand for the recent announcement of the mascot and its name. (Julie Slama/City Journals)

By Julie Slama | [email protected]

Blizzard is forecast for next fall, which doesn’t equate with a day off of school for children because of snowfall.

But Blizzard is coming—and no, it’s not the Dairy Queen dessert.

Blizzard is the name of the mascot for the new elementary school currently under construction in White City that is expected to open fall 2022.

At the recent mascot reveal held at Bell View Elementary, just blocks west of where the new school is being built, a seven-foot cardboard cut-out of the Glacier Hills’ Yeti was shared with about 100 people who gathered; it also was being livestreamed.

Bell View second-grader Lillian Arvanitas said she liked the teal that highlights on the eyes, hands and feet.

Lillian and her brother, Aiden, will attend the school next year as both the Edgemont and Bell View neighborhood children will merge into the two-story school that is currently under construction on the Edgemont campus. 

Families from both communities not only voted on the mascot, but also the mascot’s name. Blizzard was the clear-cut winner over Zeti and Yodel, said Julie Winfree, Glacier Hills’ principal.

“Blizzard is welcoming, colorful and happy—and I’m so ready to be a Yeti,” she said, adding that the mascot costume already has been ordered.

The design of Glacier Hills’ Yeti comes from Canyons School District graphic designer Jeff Olson, who said it took more than one year to brainstorm, create, redesign and finalize the initial eight different concepts until he refined the current design after a focus group comprised of both communities selected it.  

Lillan and Aiden’s mother, Holly, was happy about the look of the Yeti.

“The mascot is super cute and friendly and modern,” she said. “I like the mascot’s thumbs up; it’s like, ‘We’re doing it, we’re going to school!’”