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Dave Clark Law is the place to go when faced with criminal charges

Feb 17, 2022 04:35PM ● By Peri Kinder

Several events in Dave Clark’s life shaped his desire to work as a defense attorney. As a child, he learned his beloved Japanese-American nanny, Mrs. Miata, had been imprisoned as a teen in the Topaz camp in the Utah desert. As a soldier in the Army and the Marines, Dave saw the power of the military and the power of the government go up against the rights of an individual. 

After working as a prosecutor for nearly 30 years in Utah, Dave Clark is now a criminal defense attorney, and he’s honored to defend you.

“I always wanted to be a criminal defense attorney and I thought it was now or never,” Dave says. “It’s always been what I want to be. Defense attorneys have a tough job keeping the government in check.”

With his wife and office manager, Amanda Clark, Dave finally gets to live his dream as he opened Dave Clark Law at the end of 2021. His office in Murray (111 E 5600 S #105) provides easy access for anyone in the Salt Lake Valley, or the state, to use his services and he keeps his prices low. He just wants to do what he loves - and help the little guy.

Dave provides effective and experienced support for any person charged with a crime, whether it’s drug possession, theft, homicide, or any other circumstance where a person is facing criminal charges. 

“If you’ve been charged with a crime, I will be honored to defend you,” he says. “I will work hard for you because it’s a privilege to be a defense attorney.”

Guided by his instinct to represent all people, Dave Clark believes everyone deserves a good attorney. His low prices and pro bono work help him represent clients from all economic backgrounds. As a prosecutor, Dave had the utmost respect for defense attorneys. He feels it’s his calling to balance the scales of justice to guarantee due process and fairness.

People can reach Dave at 385-421-8919 or [email protected], anytime of the day or night, to get counsel or information about his services.To learn more about his practice, visit 

Amanda is overjoyed to watch her husband pursue his dreams. “He’s very hardworking and very detailed. He’s done really well and I am very proud of him. He loves what he does and he’s an excellent attorney.”

“There is no reason to be afraid to come to me. Anytime someone has questions or concerns about criminal law, don’t hesitate to call,” he says. “I’m experienced. I’m passionate. I believe in what I’m doing and I’m proud to do it.”