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A good spring cleaning after a Utah winter will reset you for a new year

Apr 03, 2022 06:46PM ● By Heather Lawrence

“Enlist your kids to help with spring cleaning,” says Sara Martinez of E&S Star Cleaning in Sandy. (Heather Lawrence/City Journals)

By Heather Lawrence | [email protected]

Spring is here, which means it’s spring cleaning season! Here are some tips specific to Sandy on how to get motivated and do it right and ideas on a thorough checklist.

“A good spring cleaning does more than just get your house clean. It resets your mind for the year,” said Mike Henderson. Henderson and his wife Charmon have run Happy House Cleaning in Sandy for over 20 years.

Mike Henderson said a spring clean is essential because the longer you wait to do a thorough cleaning, the worse the build-up gets and the longer the job takes.

“Pull out all the big appliances like the fridge and the stove. Pull your dresser away from the wall. It’s amazing to see that even the walls will be dusty. Clean under the bed. Wipe around the door trims, cabinets and baseboards. These places are consistently missed,” Mike Henderson said.

Mike Henderson said Utah dust comes in layers, so sometimes it takes layers to get it off.

He’s found good results using a vacuum with dust attachments first, even on the walls. Then, wipe everything down with a wet cloth. “Your best friend is a microfiber cloth,” Mike Henderson said.

Charmon Henderson adds, “Clean with a wet cloth because if things haven’t been wiped down in a few weeks, dust collects to the point where a dry cloth will not clean it. I like to use Simple Green cleaner. You can buy it at Home Depot. It’s environmentally friendly, and there are no toxic gasses to breathe in while you work. ” 

For a good idea of what deep spring clean should include, Charmon Henderson says their website has a list. “Check under ‘Menu of Services’ and that will give you a good checklist,” she said.

Sara Martinez, owner of Sandy cleaning business E&S Star Cleaning knows that sometimes you just need motivation to get started. She suggests cleaning one room at a time, and getting your kids or friends to help.

“Play music while you clean! I like cleaning because it makes a house feel so welcoming,” Martinez said.

To combat Utah’s hard water buildup, Martinez soaks shower heads in vinegar. Her deep cleaning suggestions include details like scrubbing tile grout, cleaning the washing machine inside and out and cleaning the inside of the dishwasher.

Martinez agrees that a thorough spring clean means going all out. Pull out appliances and clean behind and under them, flip mattresses and organize your home office. Vacuum often-missed areas like the dryer hose and bathroom fan vents.

If you decide you’d rather let someone else clean your house, Martinez said don’t feel bad about hiring someone. But do make sure the company is licensed, bonded and insured.

“I love seeing the changes after we clean a home. It gives them confidence,” Martinez said. More lists and details on services are on the company’s website Martinez also speaks Spanish.

Cleaning can be about more than just wiping down surfaces. It can be about getting closer to the life and the house that makes one happier.

Jenna Lindsay is a KonMari certified tidying expert in the Salt Lake Valley. She believes there’s a mental health element to cleaning and the symbolism of spring.

“As the world reawakens, you get the opportunity to reevaluate what is most important to you. A tidying mindset involves a lot more than just your possessions. It’s your relationships, your career and your hobbies,” Lindsay said.  

If you feel that the pandemic has taken a toll on your mental health, you’re not alone.

“We’ve gone through a lot the past couple years. You may feel stuck or stagnant, like you’re repeating the same things and the same bad habits. A spring cleaning offers you a refresh and a different perspective,” Lindsay said.

Lindsay encourages people to see organizing “not just as a clean space but as a canvas on which you can create your ideal lifestyle.” More information on her philosophy is on her website,

“For a lot of my clients cleaning up is a surge of energy,” Lindsay said. “It gives you a fresh view of your surroundings, and that affec