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Alta High softball has all for one, one for all attitude

May 30, 2022 05:13PM ● By Ryanne Riet

By Ryanne Riet | [email protected]

For this year’s Alta High softball team numbers didn’t really matter.

Though the team did not get the same amount of girls trying out for the team as they expected from years past, the team surpassed expectations and achieved a lot this season.

“The girls have learned that it does not matter if we have 50 or 12 players on the team,” said coach Kristin Evans. “They play for each other as one team.”

Sadie Gardner’s current batting average for the season is .650, Abby Southern is sitting at an average of .516, and Adilee Dake is at .500. These three girls have smashed the team record for the year and have put in the hard work to join the 500 and up club.

“Our accomplishments will be that they are better on and off the field then when they started the year,” Evans said.

Other notable accomplishments this season include Sadie Gardner’s whopping 25 stolen bases, Cozzette Harrison’s 14, and Jessica Harrison’s 12. These girls have spent the year striving for greatness.

“One motto for our team is to do 1% better every day,” Evans said. “It means working on yourself or taking time to be a better teammate.”

In addition to their commitment to the Alta Hawks softball team, there are two players on the team that have their sights set on a slightly bigger goal.

Gardner and Southern plan to play next level softball. However, both are undecided on which college they will attend and other playing opportunities they will pursue.

Ending the school year playing in the state tournament, Alta beat Hillcrest 17-5 in the first game.