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Egg toss lands things sunny side up…and down

Aug 03, 2022 09:04PM ● By Julie Slama

By Julie Slama | [email protected]

Lone Peak fifth-grader Jonas Thorpe took a cleaned-out hummus container and put a raw egg in it, packaged with cotton. He then dropped it 5 feet at his home and the egg survived.

Feeling good about his packaging, he brought it to school shortly before school was over so he could participate in the fifth-grade egg drop, where Principal Tracy Stacy tossed the containers from the roof.

The tradition is long-standing. Before Stacy, McKay Robinson was on the roof tossing the eggs over the edge. Both principals have dressed up in fun costumes for the occasion. Water streamed and music blared, adding to the fun hour.

“It was in place long before me and the kids love it so much,” Stacy said. “We have fun dancing, singing and tossing eggs.”

While not mandatory, all fifth-graders are invited to try to make egg-proof containers and most do. Prizes were given out to students whose eggs survived and those who did not.

Jonas, who received a cube toy afterward, was in good spirits despite the demise of his egg.

“It didn’t work that well from that high up,” he said. “It’s still fun.”