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Sandy Youth Council members are ready for an exciting year

Oct 01, 2022 08:22PM ● By Peri Kinder

By Peri Kinder | [email protected]

Representing 11 different high schools across the valley, the 23-member Sandy Youth Council was sworn-in at city hall Sept. 6. It’s the first time since 2018 that the youth council has been installed, and city leaders are happy to have it back.

Chairing the SYC this year is Henry Stueber, a 17-year-old Alta High student. It’s the first time he’s been involved with the youth council but he’s looking forward to the experience of working with his fellow council members and city officials.

“I’m happy the youth council is back up and running and I would encourage any individual in high school to seriously consider serving on some sort of council,” he said. “Involvement with our leaders who run our local areas is something people need to really consider doing when they’re in high school.”

The SYC is made up of Sandy residents in grades 9-12, supervised by youth council advisors Chris Edwards and Liz Theriault, and Sandy City Council liaison Brooke D'Sousa. The student-led program meets once a month and participates in city service projects throughout the year.

So far, the SYC has helped with the Fourth of July parade, the Balloon Fest 5K, and the city’s Healing Fields and Heritage Days. Youth council members will also volunteer at Trunk or Treat, Light up the Cairns, Sandy’s Beautification Day and more.

Along with providing service, the SYC will work with the Sandy Council and get a close-up view of local government at work.

“I believe everyone should be educated on how our government works and how it’s built to ultimately fulfill the will of the people,” Henry said. “We need an educated population to ultimately create the change we need in society.”

On the evening the 2022-21 SYC was installed, the city council presented a special recognition to Marsha Millet for 24 years of dedication and service to the youth council as a leader and mentor.

“I had so many wonderful youth when I was there, in fact, one of them is in the audience and that’s my daughter, Jessica,” Millet said. “I feel blessed to have known so many wonderful people in our city. We have the best city and the best youth.”

Henry’s goals for the SYC include talking to other high school students about taking a role in government. He is interested in how policy is created and implemented at a local level and is excited that he gets to see the inner workings of Sandy City.

He hopes his example, and the example of SYC members, will encourage more youth to step up as leaders in their schools and communities.

“A leader is more relatable than anything. It can be difficult when a leader sees themselves as a figure people should look up to and it makes it very hard to relate,” Henry said. “It takes responsibility to present yourself as approachable and be someone they can share ideas with.”

Members of the 2022-23 SYC: Kate Andersen, Jacob Baird, Sara Baird, Sarah Barnes, Eliot Barrett-Caston, Kelsianne Baxter, Parker Bettinson, Aurora Clare, Cameryn Coffey, Charlotte Hauser, Olivia Hauser, Abhimanyu Iyengar, Lasya Jonnalagedda, Rachel Lowe, Marianne Lui, Aditya Nallur, Rudra Patel, Daniel Smith, Henry Stueber, Vineet Subramanyan, Maia VanDenBerghe, Nola Williams and Emmaline Young.