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Sandy Journal

How ‘A-dog-able!’ First-graders celebrate 101 days of school

Mar 08, 2023 04:17PM ● By Julie Slama

Sandy Elementary first-graders celebrated their 101st day in school dressed as puppies from Disney’s “101 Dalmatians.” (Isa Connelly/Sandy Elementary)

Bark it from the “wooftops:” the “ulti-mutt,” learning experience took place at Sandy Elementary.

On a day in January, black spots were detected on a “pack” of Sandy Elementary first-graders. 

There wasn’t just one or two, but “paw-sibly” 101 spots. 

Dressed in white T-shirts with black spots, the 5- and 6-year-olds portrayed Disney’s “101 Dalmatians” to celebrate their 101st day of first grade.  

“It usually lands toward the end of our place value unit in math, so we do a lot of place value activities,” said teacher Cathy Jarman, who added their favorite was showing different ways to build 101 with place value blocks. “We also list 101 sight words, write about having 101 puppies, watch a shortened version of the story ‘101 Dalmatians’ while eating ‘Dalmatian Spots’ (Oreo cookies) and make 101 day headbands.”

And “fur sure,” the “pawtastic” students were given a certificate that says “101 Days Smarter.”