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Sandy mayor honors elementary art show winners

Jun 06, 2023 10:06AM ● By Heather Lawrence

Sandy Mayor Monica Zoltanski selected 14 Mayor’s Choice winners from the Elementary School Art Show. Their art was hung in Sandy City Hall on May 15. (Heather Lawrence/City Journals)

Sandy Mayor Monica Zoltanski honored some of her favorite pieces by young artists from this year’s Elementary School Art Show at Sandy City Hall on May 15. The Mayor’s Choice works of art had been framed and were hung on the wall during the ceremony. They will stay there for the coming year. 

“Art can teach us to focus on a small part of the picture, or you can take a step back and see the big picture. That’s a lot like life,” Zoltanski said during the Mayor’s Choice awards ceremony. 

Families were invited to the ceremony where Zoltanski invited each child up individually to give their name, grade and school. She held up their artwork and asked them each to describe what their piece meant to them and how they worked on it.  

The works ranged from kindergartner Hazel Kussman’s self-portrait done with red yarn for her red hair, to fourth-grader Shanaya Singhal’s intricately decorated mandala showcasing her favorite colors. 

Students were free to use any medium and subject that inspired them. Several said they chose to create something based on what they were learning about in school. 

“We learned about an Inuit tribe in Canada, then we went to art class and I drew an Inuit bird. I took my time, and I think it turned out pretty good,” said Christian Nelson of American Preparatory Academy. 

Adeline Armstrong, also of American Preparatory Academy said she was inspired by a family outing. “We went to my grandpa’s property up in the mountains and it was really beautiful, so I wanted to draw that,” Adeline said. She also took a moment to say thank you to her art teacher for encouraging her and her classmates. 

Submissions for the annual show come through teachers. Educators who would like to learn how to get their students’ work submitted in the contest can look on the Sandy Arts Guild’s website, and should email Nicole Atkinson at [email protected]

The art contest is hosted by the Sandy Arts Guild and welcomes entries from all K-6 students in Sandy. The artwork was displayed publicly at The Shops at South Town March 16-23, with an awards ceremony on March 17. Submissions were accepted from all Sandy students, and the contest was open to kids in public, private and charter schools. 

The Best in Show award went to Kinsale White, a first-grader at St. John the Baptist Elementary School. 

Mercy Shewey, a fourth-grader at Peruvian Park Elementary School, won the T-shirt design award.

The Mayor’s Choice Awards went to Layla Prince, Adeline Armstrong, Scarlett Jones, Marla Hansen, Odyssey Williams, Zoe Claudon, Shanaya Singhal, Jackson Tyler, Christian Nelson, Shaiana Lohani, Matteo Rossi Quintino, Hazel Kussman, Finn Mortensen and Millie Clegg. 

Grade level awards were given for first, second and third place and honorable mention.

Kindergarten winners: Justina Santos, Ryelynn Rhoades, Margo Snyder and Ella Presley. 

First grade winners: Rachel Carruth, Aarav Jain, Ellie Salmon and Mason Jones. 

Second grade winners: Livan Sharma, Jett Young, Libby Buswell and Aissam Amiri. 

Third grade winners: Janaye Calva, Zaarah Malik, Saanvi Samal and Will Defeudis.

Fourth grade winners: Ryker Watchorn, Liz Allred, Anouska Raghavan and Nevie Hosenfeld. 

Fifth grade winners: Sahiti Pasala, Sonia Bleazard, Dylan Novack and Rilynn Forrest. 

Sixth grade winners: Mikaela Johnson, Jose Chacon Hernandez, Mason Bryant and Dominic Rossano. λ