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Watch out Balboa, there’s a new Rocky in town

Dec 01, 2023 10:53AM ● By Julie Slama

After a student vote, Alta View Elementary’s roadrunner mascot got his new name, Rocky. (Photo courtesy of Jessica Davies Photography)

Rocky Balboa, the champion of the “Rocky” movie series, may have lost his title.

In mid-October, Alta View Elementary students cast their final vote to name their roadrunner mascot — Rocky.

“We had the student council, faculty and staff vote on their top five, and then we took the top three from that,” said Alta View PTA President Jessica Davies.

Rocky won over the other top choices, Rio and Roady.

Earlier this school year, 160 names were nominated ranging from a spelling variation of popular singer-songwriter Taylor Swift to maintaining the mascot’s original name, Rodney. 

There also was a nomination for Scott, matching the principal’s name.

“We named him because PTA purchased the mascot (costume),” Principal Scott Jameson said, adding that it was the first time the school had a mascot costume. “In recent years, we’ve had a new building, a new look for our mascot, so why not a new name?”

Months before opening Alta View’s new building in 2017, Canyons School District graphic designer Jeff Olson’s new logo for the school was unveiled.

“I couldn’t copy the Warner Brothers’ roadrunner as in the past, but wanted to give it a more sports feel,” said the Alta View alumnus at the time. “I didn’t want it to be cartoon-y, but one that will work through time.” λ