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Señor Pollo and Comcast Business partner as restaurant expands

Apr 30, 2024 10:59AM ● By Peri Kinder

Señor Pollo's business keeps growing as owner Jesus Ruiz and team operate nine locations with more expected to open this year. He works with Comcast Business for the fastest, most reliable internet and phone service.

When Jesus Ruiz and his wife, Dulce, opened their first Señor Pollo location in Ogden in 2018, they knew they were onto something special. Ruiz is from Michoacán, a state in Mexico, but was raised in Utah. He introduced his secret family recipe for Sinaloa-style grilled chicken to patrons at his Señor Pollo restaurant and it quickly became a local favorite. 

Since 2018, Ruiz has expanded his business to include nine restaurants, with more expected to open this year. Now fully franchised, Señor Pollo will soon open its first location out of the state in New York. He expects his award-winning restaurant to be a national brand soon, offering his fire-grilled chicken to even more consumers. 

“Our challenge is consistency,” Ruiz said. “The biggest problem is training employees. We expect them to be very friendly to everybody. We’re trying to get all our staff to offer great customer service. One of our main goals is for every customer to leave satisfied and happy.”

As his business grows, Ruiz needs a reliable internet connection, not only to create a good customer experience but to communicate effectively with franchise owners. After having troubles with his previous internet provider, Ruiz turned to Comcast Business and has worked with the company for several years. 

Comcast Business helped Ruiz streamline his communication channels and create a reliable point-of-sale system to give customers an easy way to pay for their chicken plates, tacos, nachos and tamales. 

“I was paying too much for internet services, so I shopped around, talked to a Comcast representative, and we went from there,” he said. “They provide internet and phone service. We don’t have problems with our TV services or problems with our point of sale. We have no problem connecting our equipment. They make it easy.”

Comcast Business works with companies of all sizes to create a strong network. As businesses grow, products and services grow too, including the need for better cybersecurity, unified communications, reliable connectivity and IT assistance. 

Because each organization is different, Comcast Business can design, build, implement and manage a custom solution for each industry. Whether it’s a custom app for a restaurant, for easy ordering and delivery, or a transformative online presence for a unique shopping experience, a Comcast representative can help create the best system. 

“Señor Pollo has been using our Comcast Business Internet and Mobility lines, which offer the fastest, reliable network and fiber solutions, for each of their locations,” said Tomas Cid, Comcast sales representative. “Beyond providing internet speeds up to 10 gigs, having our Connection Pro service gives Jesus peace of mind that he will always have data to service his customers.”

When unexpected disruptions happen, Connection Pro helps keep a business internet service seamlessly connected for up to 16 hours with powerful 4G LTE backup, which becomes more critical when businesses grow as Señor Pollo has seen.

“Working with Jesus has been great because on every location that we provide service, we’ve overcome different challenges, such as construction, installation scheduling, and transferring phone numbers from other carriers,” said Cid. “Together, we work out the details so he has the fastest, most reliable internet and mobile service all the time.”