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2150 South 1300 East Suite 300
Salt Lake City, UT 84106

(801) 538-5050

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Founded 2009

DivorceKnowHow is committed to helping you navigate your way through a divorce. Our resources include learning tools such as webinars and workshops to help you decipher legal terms, identify your rights, understand your obligations, and help you decide the legal services you need.

You may choose to use our educational tools such as: --Attend a general workshop to give an overview of the divorce process, answer general questions and explain the different options for moving forward with a divorce. --Sign up for online documents and receive everything you need to finalize your divorce with complete instructions for obtaining an uncontested divorce. This program comes with a 100% guarantee that the documents will be accepted by the court. --Sign up to attend a small group divorce workshop. Participants will receive a full set of documents downloaded to their computer or tablet. The instructor will go through the documents paragraph by paragraph explaining the meaning and importance while giving general instructions on how to complete each. The participants will fill in each paragraph with their specific details. At the end of the workshop, the participant will have all the documents needed to finalize a divorce, along with instructions on how to do so. --Participate in mediation to help with areas that you and your spouse are having trouble reaching an agreement on. --Sign up for individual legal sessions as needed in increments of 15 min. consultations.


--Retain an attorney for traditional representation.