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Spry's Operation Sunshine

Refugees and Community Children paint a mural that will be mirrored in a Ukrainian refugee camp in Germany. Located at the goat refugee farm in Salt Lake. In honor of Gail Halvorsen the Candy Bomber.

Spry’s Operation Sunshine is an effort to bring refugees and the community together. Refugee children and their families will gather to paint a mural visible in SLC, with an identical mural to be painted in Germany at the Refugee children’s camp in Berlin in Oct.

WHEN: Saturday, Sept. 24, 2022, from 10am- 1pm

WHY: In honor of Gail Halvorsen, the candy bomber, Spry and Know Your Neighbor partnered to launch Operation Sunshine, continuing the legacy of Gail Halvorsen and increasing integration and community building among refugees. Spry and its parent company Xlear are involved with this event to provide support to the refugee families.Nate Jones, CEO of Xlear, is passionate about helping refugees and is joining in spreading light into the lives of these children and communities.

WHERE: East African Refugee Goat Farm Westpointe, SLC 84116

WHO: The mural will be painted by refugee children, refugees, and their families. Community members can attend the painting of the mural and visit the mural and goats around the farm during this event. Press is also invited to attend.

CONTACT: Rachelle Peterson, PilmerPR, 801-791-8172; [email protected]

Date & Time

September 24, 2022

10:00AM - 1:00PM


East African Refugee Goat Farm - Westpointe, Salt Lake City, UT, 84116 Westpointe Salt Lake City 84116 UT US

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